Website Header Optimization


Header Item Best Location
Logo Left
Menu Center
Contact Info (Email, Phone) Right
Search Right
Call to Action Button Right
Login & Sign Up Right

Tip #1. Put your logo left side area

– Logo should be relevant of your services.
– Logo should be Memorable and use it everywhere like social media pages, profiles, banners, emails, newsletters etc.
– Company full name in logo is a good idea.
– Logo should be on left hand side of the website.
– Always open home page on Logo click.
– Use Best Tag line with logo, play with emotions in your logo tag line.
– Use small logo for mobile and tablet website because above of the fold should not be wasted by logo. So consult with your web designer and make small size logo for mobile and tablets.
– Logo should be unique, don’t copy from big brands. People don’t like copy websites.

Tip #2. Website Menu Optimization

– The menu must be fixed at the center

– Avoid any Submenus, if possible

– Highlight the current opening page in menu using pointers, underline, color, weight, background, etc.

Tip #3. Best Place to add Contact Info

– Add the email and phone no. on the left-hand side of the header.

Tip #4. Place Login and Sign Up at Right Corner

– It’s a standard format that people find login and instantly sign up in the header and so, the best location for it would be the right hand side of the page.

Tip #5. Add Search

– Fix Site Search on the right hand side and open search in form of a popup or in new page.

Tip #6. Call to action

– Fix the call to action button on right side of the page.

You can also add here, the important items like notifications, dashboard, My Account, Checkout etc.

Keeping Social Media, Language & currency change option etc. in header section is not a good idea. It creates a lot of clutter on the page.

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