User Trust Optimization

Tip #1. Awards & Certificates

Mentioning about your Awards and certificates will increase website’s trust, people love it when information is given about the company being awarded for some reason. You can add them in footer or in bottom side.

Tip #2. Client Logo

Add client logos at the bottom of the page. If Client logos are big brand then it is best for you because it will create more trust in user’s mind.

Tip #3. Testimonials

Add testimonials at the bottom side of the page with client’s actual image and company logo.

Tip #4. Case Studies

Case studies tell the success story of your company and provide the in-depth details of your projects so people learn more about your services and products. It creates huge impact increasing the user trust.


Tip #5. Private Policy & Term Conditions (Legal) Page link

– Add Legal policies link in footer.

– It provides legal information about your product and services and it creates the trust factor.

– Must use privacy policies with the terms & conditions link.

Tip #6.. About Us Page

About us page provides the details about the Company’s market profile so, it creates trust and reputation in user’s mind.

Tip #7. Contact info (Email, Phone no. & Physical Address)

Contact information creates more trust because user will get the impression that you are approachable if at all any problem rises regarding any of your products or services.

Tip #8. Website Design and layout

If the website design and layout has any extra ordinary or creative element in it then the users will think that website is the big brand. A beautiful design is a symbol of big brand and trust.

Tip #9. Explainer Video

If you showcase your services and products in a explainer video by using real company and employee images then it can help you to grow your business and create more trust among your users. Check example here…

Check example here…

Tip #10. Customer Support/Help

– Use separate Customer care numbers and email to create good impression; users thinks that you have separate team for trouble shooting.

– People get more attracted if you give 24 hours support. You should Provide Help and support page link in header and footer.

– The Toll free number is more powerful than a simple contact number because Big brands generally use toll free numbers, it’s assumption that nobody wants to pay unnecessarily.

Tip #11. CEO & Team Member Detail

If website has your CEO’s details with some personal information then people are impressed. People also love if you have big team. You can give these details in the About Us page.

Tip #12. Social Media Trust

Having a number of followers, Likes in social media business pages creates good impression on the user’s mind. Add a counting with social media icons. (if you have good members on your social media)

Tip #13. Customer Reviews

– Clients reviews create more trust especially on ecommerce (B2C) websites.

– You can show the rating of local listing sites in B2B business.

Tip #14. Love your location

If you are running a local business then people love to buy your services or products because people trust mostly the known places of business instead of any unknown places of businesses.

Tip #15. SSL Certificate

If user sees Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) means of https url then people are not afraid to share their information especially while sharing the payment details. Even Google trusts all those websites which have secured i.e. https url. This is provided by domain and hosting providers. It is chargeable service.

Tip #16. Display total number of clients

If you have provided your services to a large number of people then display these numbers because it creates more trust in user’s mind. Check example here…


Tip #17. Associates and Partners Details

If you have tie ups with associates and partners then showcase them on the website, it is a trust factor and helps to increase conversions and revenue.

Tip #18. Highlight Company Experience

If you have a good experience of running your business for a long time then you must show your experience. People love to buy products or services from old established companies or businesses.

Tip #19. Security Seal

It’s a very powerful user trust factor and can help in increase conversions and sales. People can easily share their transaction information and personal information if you are using a Security seal.

Tip #20. Display Logo of Featured or Published Articles

You can get more trust if you publish your blog or articles on popular news sites and blog sites. It can amplify your website’s reputation to the top lead to an increase trust in your users.

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