Testimonial Optimization


Testimonials and client logos are trust factors. It can increase conversions and sales.

So where can we use client’s logo and testimonials details???

– Landing page
– Home page
– Register page
– Checkout page
– Pricing page
– Proposals/Whitepaper

1. Use Big Brands in client Logos if possible

Add client logos at the bottom of the page. If Client logos are big brands, then it is best for you because that will create more trust in the user’s mind. Make them same in size and color as in grey color.


2. Don’t use simple testimonials

Nobody believes in testimonials which do not have photos and company names.

3. Avoid too much content in Testimonials

Testimonial content should be small otherwise users will not find it worth reading.

4. Image Testimonial with full details

Putting Image with the testimonial provides a real feeling in the user’s mind. If image belongs to some well-known person, then it is best for you. The CEO’s image provides heavy impact on users. We must provide some details along with the image in the testimonials.
1. Client actual image
2. Client Name
3. Client Designation (CEO is best)
4. Company logo or Name

5. Video Testimonial (Best)

– We will highly recommend you to use video testimonials. That’s the best way to create trust on the user’s mind.

– You must mention the Client’s Name, Designation, Company name or logo in the running video footer.

6. Testimonials with Social Media Proof

Use a personal social media profile link for proof, it provides 100% trust in user’s mind.

7. Testimonials with website proof

You can also create links on the company name or logo and land them on the about us page which may have an actual image.

8. Separate Page for Clients and Testimonials

If you have good amount of clientele, then create separate testimonial/client page and add those page links in the menu and footer.

9. Avoid Auto Slider in Testimonials

Auto slider testimonials are not at all a good idea. People do not feel good because some time they cannot read the testimonial content properly because of that.

Example – 2

10. Testimonials with case studies

If you are providing case studies with testimonials it has be worth reading by users because here they should find the extra information about your product or services and your success story provides more trust in the users.

11. Clients or testimonials with numbers

If you have a good clientele then showcase it with testimonials and client details, it provides more trust, reputation and market branding.

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