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Website performance optimization is very critical part for a website growth. A study says that poor load time can damage 30% conversions that’s why marketers use it as a secret weapon to boost conversions and sales. Google is also taking it seriously and added it in their search engine algorithm. Marketers use many type of page laod time optimization tools but these tools only provide page wise optimization and you can’t check all the pages if thousands or millions. So Google analytics site speed report can help you here to check all over website speed. Google analytics introduced speed report since 2011. There is one more benefit is that you can optimize many other things like country, device, browser, operating system wise analysis and do more in-depth analysis on different dimensions. Let’s see how site speed report will help in business website improvement.

First optimize overall website using well known techniques, most of the page load time tools like Google page speed test tool, Pingdom tool, Gtmetrix tool suggest these techniques. I improved most of the website’s performance using these techniques.

  • Minify files
  • Reduce http request
  • Image optimization
  • Combine files
  • CDN etc.

Here are the all page load time basic optimization tips

We generally check the website on new versions of browsers and OS but still people are using old versions like window xp. You can optimize these versions as well using google analytics site speed report.

Where to find Site Speed Reports in Google Analytics

Step 1. Login with Google Analytics Account

Step 2. Go to Behavior in left side menu abr

Step 3. Click on Site Speed

Login > Behavior > Site Speed

What things analyze in site speed report


If you know which code is responsible for high load time then it becomes very easy to analyze website performance.
Site Speed Google Analytics reports can help you to give in-depth details.

In overview you can check given terms
– Avg. Page Load Time (sec)
– Avg. Redirection Time (sec)
– Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec)
– Avg. Server Connection Time (sec)
– Avg. Server Response Time (sec)
– Avg. Page Download Time (sec)

Page Timing

You can check here page wise loading time and analyze website performance.

Speed Suggestions – Google Analytics takes help from Google speed checker tool and provide optimization help.
User Timing

Site Speed No Data in Google Analytics Report

I heard site speed related many questions from the users such as “Why my site speed report not working”, “getting site speed accuracy problem”, “Why avg. load time is zero for some cases”, “Why site speed report has no data”, “google analytics page timings not working”, google analytics user timings not working etc.

The answer is Google analytics do not capture load time for all page views because of data sampling. If you are a Google analytics 360 user then you can capture many page views. But Normal Google Analytics capture only 1-2% page views for load time and display load time on the basis of this calculation. Google analytics randomly select page views to measure load time.
So what happen due to this reason, if you have good amount of pageviews hits then you can see this data otherwise you will get zero in speed report. Generally I saw less than 1000 visits per month show zero in site speed report.

Google analytics only support browsers which have HTML5 Navigation Timing interface like Chrome, Firefox 7 and above,
Internet Explorer 9 and above, Android 4.0 browser and above.

in the above image page load sample is zero for Android Browser and Edge that’s why load time is also zero. Firefox page load time is 12.79 but samples are not much only 12 that means the data is accurate but not measurable due to low samples.

What is page load sample in site speed report

So if you want to use this report accurately and want to optimize your website on the basis of this report then you should check first page load samples. I use minimum 50 samples for load time optimization and analysis.

How page load sample help to know accurate data

Experts say that don’t trust site speed google analytics data blindly, let’s see why. If you measure load time with less than 50 page load samples, the data might be too high or too low. So always check page load samples are more than 50 or not. So page load samples will help you to know accurate data. You should measure particular browser, Operating system, page, country, city, Device speed if it has more than 50 samples otherwise ignore the report. You can see samples on the top the report. It only show you overall samples but if you want to check samples for particular device, page, country, OS, browser or any dimension then it would be better create a custom google analytics report. You can see samples on different dimensions in standard google analytics report. You can also verify load time using other tools if you are not sure.
You should have more than 10,000 visits per month for accurate speed data analysis.

How to increase page load sample in google analytics

You can increase samples upto 10% by using this code

For analytics.js code
Replace this code
ga(‘create’, ‘UA-XXXX-Y’, ‘auto’);
with this code
ga(‘create’, ‘UA-XXXX-Y’, {‘siteSpeedSampleRate’: 10});

Note: I never checked yet that more than 10% samples are possible or not. You can try this.

How to track and analyse website performance using this report
Make a condition in table or segment
Greater than 50 samples, avg. page load time greater than 5 sec.

How to create custom site speed report in Google analytics

Let’s learn how to create custom Google analytics report. It will definitely help you in in-depth analysis of website speed.
– Login > Customization > Custom Report > New Custom Report > Dimension & Metrics > Save

– Page
– Browser
– OS
– Country
– Device
– Screen Resolution

– Bounce Rate
– Pageviews
– Page load sample
– Exit Rate
– Avg. Page Load Time (sec)
– Avg. Redirection Time (sec)
– Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec)
– Avg. Server Connection Time (sec)
– Avg. Server Response Time (sec)
– Avg. Page Download Time (sec)

Page wise Site Speed Google Analytics Report

Create a custom report on top pages using these metrics – bounce rate, pageviews, Page load sample, avg. page load time, exit rate.

Find high load time pages and improve the performance.

Click right hand side compare graph icon and see comparison report.

Country wise Site Speed Google Analytics Report

Some time we give many efforts for page load time optimization but at the end we found that load speed issue was from non-targeted country. So first check load speed country wise. So Create same report but change page dimension with country.
And check top countries load time if you find speed issue from any targeted country then think about it. This report will also help you to choose CDN. You can find that the website need CDN hosting or not.

Browser & Browser Version Site Speed Google Analytics Report

You can find here poor speed browser versions and browsers. You have add secondary dimension of browser version.

Operating System and OS Version wise Site Speed Google Analytics Report

Add Operating system as a secondary dimension and analyze poor performing operating system.

Device wise Site Speed Google Analytics Report

Find which device taking time to load pages.

Screen Resolution wise Site Speed Google Analytics Report


Desktop Screen Resolution

Mobile Screen Resolution

Tablet Screen Resolution 

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