Sign Up Page Optimization

Tip #1. Powerful Heading

A Powerful heading can boost your conversions, so stay away from using simple headings like “Register” or “Sign Up”.

Use “Free” Word in the heading –
Example – 28 Days Free Trial

Use Benefits in the heading
Example – Download Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords

Give a solid reason to register
Example – Register for Free Dashboard Download

You can use Sub-heading too if require.
Example – No Credit Card Require

Do experiment by changing heading 2-3 times and implement with best results.

Tip #2. Remove Friction from Registration (Sign-up) form

– Your Sign up form should be neatly presented and clutter free.

– There should be proper spacing between two fields and in between form field & validation error massage.

Tip #3. Use icons with every field of the form

– Icons make sign-up form more attractive and presentable.
– Icons should be relevant and easy to understand for users, providing more information to users.

Tip #4. Reduce form fields and make it small as possible

– Only use those fields which are mandatory.
Example: Re-type Email field is not beneficial as most of the time the ids are just copy/ pasted from the first email field.

– The small form size can boost your conversions.

– Use form field name inside the field’s box and reduce size (Check Images – form field reduce, Field name inside the field box)

Tip #5. Don’t use simple Button text

– Using a powerful text in the sign-up button can increase your registration form usage by the potential users.

– Form button text should be attractive and actionable, Example – use “Start My Free Trial” instead of “Registration” or “Sign Up” text.

– Adding personal and a frank touch to the text lets the user create a sense of trust towards the website. Example – Use “My” instead “You”.

– Button text color should be catchy, attractive and prominent on the page.

Tip #6. Use Big Button

– Form button size should be reasonably big but avoid making it too big.

– Add button text in one line instead two because it can look weird and too long.

– Button color should be catchy and attractive – Blue, Green and Orange are the best options. Use a different color from the main theme.

– Button should be look like a button not simple image so Give Some Movements on over mouse such as color change, vibrate the button.

Tip #7. Use inline validation

– Generally websites show error massage in form of popups and some websites even show them together on top.

– Use inline validation with user friendly color combination, generally red for wrong validation and green for right validation. Use red color for validation error massage. Check example of Gmail sign-up.

Tip #8. Use icon with form button

– Icon is more powerful than a simple button, icon directly impact on human mind.

– The icon should be relevant and actionable.

Tip #9. Add urgency with sign up form

– Play with user’s mind – urgency is another example of this trick.

– 3 to 7 days is a good idea for urgency.

Tip #10. Sign Up with Social Media is a good idea

– If your audience belongs with new generation or mobile generation then trust me, you are missing an awesome opportunity to get huge conversions. Encourage Sign-up with social media to boost your registrations.

– Normally the people are afraid to share their personal details or other social media information and they hate spam followers, fake friend etc. so providing a secure massage during social media sign up helps build trust in your potential clients.

Tip #11. Use Terms & Condition link with sign up form for more trust

– Mostly users love to see policy & terms condition links because they think website is not hiding anything. This indicates that there is no fraud.

Tip #12. Open terms and condition link in popup or in new tab

– Opening this page in same tab can increase your drop offs. New page takes some time to open and create new thoughts in the mind of the users.

Tip #13. Respect User’s Privacy

– Everyone hates spam in their inbox, so show a massage that you don’t share user’s contact information with the telemarketers. Many expert got increments in their conversions using this technique.

Tip #14. Add Trust Indicators

Trust indicators like testimonials, numbers, news logo etc. create trust and branding, it can help you grow your conversions and goals. Use client’s real image in testimonials.

Security Seal – Add security seal so users will not afraid to fill the information.

Tip #15. No credit card requirement is a good idea for free trial

– Everyone in the world does not want to share their bank detail or credit card details. Free Sign-up without credit card can boost your conversions.

Tip #16. Add benefits of sign up

– People want to know why they sign-up or share their contact details. Provide the assurance to them that nobody can share their contact details without permission.

Tip #17. Play with numbers

– A study says that numbers affect 6000 times more on human’s mind. Website owners can try this with sign up form.

Tip #18. Auto-focus on the first text field

– Auto focus means when user opens the sign up popup or page first time, cursor should be blinking on first form field. User doesn’t like to do too much of work, so here without touching the mouse they can start filling the form immediately.

Tip #19. Smiley face girl can help you to grow your conversions

– The exact reason behind using smiley girl’s face is that it creates more emotions and attraction for users. It keeps user’s mind peaceful and provides trust and branding too.

Tip #20. Hide breadcrumbs and Navigation (Menu)

– Don’t show other links like breadcrumbs, services and product pages on sign up page because they are here for registration only also the site should look clutter free.

Tip #21. Highlighting the form area is a good idea

– Highlighting the form area by using border, shadow & different background color can attract more people towards sign up form. It can provide more focus on sign up form area and increasing the chances to fill the form boosting your conversions.

Tip #22. Popup instead a separate page

– A Popup loads faster than page, more time taken by page to load will lead to users getting irritated and conversions getting diluted. So, the sign up popup is a good idea instead of a separate sign-up page.

– Masking can increase focus only on sign-up form and increase chances of filling sign-up form. Check Shopify popup with dark black masking.

Tip #23. Use Pointers

– Pointers can also increase focus on the form and help to increase conversions.

Tip #24. Progress Bar to show next steps

– It can help to users to understand the whole process at the first level.

– User can get irritated if they find the next steps hidden. So progress bar can help them track the whole course of action.

Tip #25. Give Free eBook or Guide with sign-up

You can add some extra benefits with the sign up form to motivate users. You can add free ebook or guide with sign-up form and increase conversions.

Tip #26. Add Supporting message

A short statement that supports and clarifies the purpose of the sign-up can allow you to keep the form button copy short and to the point, while adding extra detail. This text is typically smaller in size than the main form button text and sits either inside or below the button.
Extra words example –

  • Instant Access
  • No Software Installation
  • One Click Only
  • No credit card require
  • Sign-up in less than 60 second
  • It’s free

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