Google Analytics Service Provider Advanced Reporting and Analysis

There are hundreds of reports in Google Analytics such as standard reports, custom reports, combination of reports using filters and segmentation. Marketers use these reports for business growth. Website optimization is an endless process, there is always hope to improve conversions and sales. Marketers pick some important Google analytics insights keeping in mind their business goal because all reports are not important for all businesses but marketers usually do a mistake by ignoring some reports which are very important because they don’t know how to use and where to use. Service provider report is one of them.

Service provider is my favorite report. I always found good insights for business improvement. Service provider is a report which contains internet provider name which helps to find out many important measurements. According to Google’s private policy, it don’t share user’s IP address details. Google thinks IP address is user’s private details. But google analytics provides service provider names in the report.

How Google Analytics Track Service Provider Data

Google analytics store service provider data using ISP tracking. Every country and network provider has their unique ISP and almost all internet provider use name of their service and google analytics pick this name and create service provider data in Google analytics.

Where to find Service Provider Report in Google Analytics

This is little difficult to find service provider report but I am going to make it easy.

Step 1. Open your Google Analytics account.

Step 2. Click on Audience from the left sidebar menu

Step 3. Click on Technology

Step 4. Then click on Network option

Step 5. Here you can see service provider names, and it’s bounce rate, traffic, conversions etc.

Shortcut Formula –> Login > Audience > Technology > Network > Service Provider

Here you can see service provider names. I will explain you in this blog how to use this report to increase sale.

What is (not set) in Service Provider Report

I saw this question very high time “Why i am getting (not set) in service provider report”. The answer is many service providers use some kind of firewall in their network and some time browser does not pass service provider name so that’s why Google analytics can not find the right name and show (not set) in Google analytics.

How to Create Custom Network Provider Google Analytics Report

We discussed above Google analytics service provider standard report (default report) which is only reveals fix metrics data but you can find some new measurements by using custom google analytics service provider report and analyze this report on 20+ metrics. Let’s see how to make it and what important metrics we should use.

Step 1. Click on Customization from the left side menu

Step 2. Click on Custom Reports

Step 3. Then click on “+ New Custom Report” button

Step 4. Set Service Provider in Dimension

Step 5. Add metrics which you want to analyze

Note – Users = Unique Visitors, New Users = New Visitors

Report will look like this (I hide my conversion data.)

for eCommerce dimensions and metrics are…

Shortcut Formula –> Customization > Custom Report > New Report Create > Add Metrics and Dimensions > Save

Here is an in-depth guide to make custom google analytics report

So this report will help you to find some more measurements which definitely help you in business growth. But still, you don’t know how to use these reports to improve website conversions and business sales. Let’s learn some important measurements of service provider report.

Keep Eyes on Your Competitors

You can search here your competitor names and find out what they are doing on your website. I checked one of my client’s website and what I found that competitors are filling query form and clicking on paid searches. It means they are increasing my paid campaign budget and increasing fake goals which are damaging my report’s accuracy and budget. We can stop this kind of things. marketers can block these service providers or filter out traffic, bounce rate, goal completions and paid budget using segments.

Let’s see how to check competitor’s service provider data using segmentation
Create segment > Type name > Go to conditions > choose service provider in dimension > choose include > type service provider name of competitors. > if multiple then use regular expression and pipe > save
You can apply this segment to past data as well.

You can use also check accurate data by excluding competitors using segment, you need to replace include with exclude from the above segment setup.

Find University, College, School List

Find which colleges, universities and schools students/teachers are searching for your business. This data is very helpful for many businesses like resume builder website, student related product providers. You can organize seminar or sale campaign using these education institutes list.

Click on the image for Zoom out

Find Health & Hospital List

If you are running health and hospital related business then you can find health and hospital list and directly contact them for product selling. You can also run a paid campaign and remarketing campaign.

for zoom out click on the image

Find Hotels List

Same you can find hotels for your hotel related business.

for zoom out click on the image

Find Businesses which looking for your product/service

Almost all businesses use unique and personal service provider name which same with the company name. You can find these companies list and make your marketing strategy accordingly.

But you have to filter out rest of service providers which are internet provider company name.

I am sharing some US based internet provider company name. You can exclude them in the segment and find the real companies list.

These are the common Internet provider syntax in regular expression.

telecom|network|university|school|college|cable|communication|internet|mobility|not set|provider|wireless|t-mobile|service|broadband|online|net|wire

Here is one more list of US internet service providers

Service Provider Behaviour Analysis

After finding companies list check their behaviour using given metrics

  • Bounce Rate
  • Page/Session
  • Avg. Session Duration

Downloads all companies data in excel from the export button in google analytics and find which service provider is highly interested in your product/service. If company has low bounce rate, high page/session and high avg. session duration that means, it is highly interested in your business.

Study deeply all interested companies one by one. Check how to do an in-depth analysis of specific service provider (Company).

Step 1. After filtering all relevant companies data. Check specific behaviour of that company using table filter.

Step 2. Find country, city, region using secondary dimension for more details.

Step 3. Then go user explorer report from Audience (Audience > User Explorer)

Step 4. and create a segment on this particular service provider (company)

Note – You can only use one segment in the User Explorer report

Step 5. Then check client id

Step 6. Click on the client id and see in-depth details that when he came, how many pages he visited, what events and conversions he did. and which pages he visited, how much time he spent on these pages etc.

Step 7. And finally go to that company’s website and copy email and send a email.

I personally used this technique and increased sales. This kind of way user may impress and interested candidate will definitely convert. You can make more better email format for users. I just giving you a sample. We all knows, if contact customers personally, it always works.

Let’s learn more…

Must Check Country for Service Provider

Setup secondary dimension as a country because every country has different internet providers. It helps to analyze your target visitors.

Use Segment for Target Audience Analysis

If you want to analyze your target audience or specific marketing campaign then use segmentation.

You can create a specific country segment to check country specific service providers.

You can also analyze it on traffic source like paid traffic, organic traffic, email etc.

Conclusion: I hope you understand how service provider data can help in business growth. You can also find more list related to your business, I have only explained three education, health and hotel. Like you can find real estate, chemicals industries, cleaning services companies etc. The most important thing of this report, it can boost your online and offline sale both.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.