Search Filter Optimization

If you are a ecommerce website with many products then you have to add a search box on the top and a search filter section on search result page so user can easily choose their product. So I am explaining here some awesome tips to improve user experience by optimizing search filter. It can boost your ecommerce conversions and revenue.

Tip 1. Best Location for filters is on the left hand side of the page

But in some cases (b2b, dashboard tools), filters don’t have too much items and provide better user experience on top so, use the A/B testing method if you have less items in filters.

Tip 2. Filter Scroll

Filters should scroll with page scrolling. People will find ease in using filters.

Tip 3. Filter Progress Bar

Use progress bar when filters are applied and then load the search result.

Tip 4. Filter inside Search

Use search inside the filter if it has many items.

Tip 5. Show all items in popup

If filter has many items, then provide full view in form of a popup instead in bottom

Tip 6. Option for Multi Selection

Provide multi selection facility to users

Tip 7. Clear-all option

Provide clear all or reset button for a fresh search start and removing all selected items

Tip 8. Must optimize for mobile

– We provide all filters together in desktop but in mobile site use filter button

– Mobile Filter Button should be on the top or bottom side instead of putting on the left or right side.

– When user opens filter button then use popup in full screen with all options and facilities such as clear all, multi selection, sorting by name/size etc.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.