Product Page Optimization

Tip #1. Use Only High Quality Product Images

Better product image can attract more users and help to increase your eCommerce conversions and revenue.  You must avoid dirty background and blur images. You should use high quality (High Resolution) images, you can use HD camera or you can hire any professional photographer for this.

You have to do serious work on product images, good product images also increase user trust.

Tip #2. Use Minimum 3-4 Images

Single product image is not enough to judge the product for users, people want to see the product in all angles and with different background or way. Let’s see an example.

Suppose you are selling jacket. Let’s see, how can you show the product in multiple images…

Image 1. Jacket with model – Front View
Image 2. Jacket with model – Backside View
Image 3. Jacket with model – Side View
Image 4. Jacket without model – Front View
Image 5. Jacket without model – Backside View

Tip #3. Add 360-degree rotating image

We know that users can easily examine the product and get satisfy if you show product image from all angles. You can use here 360 degree rotating gif image on the product page. In that case you don’t need to add multiple images with all angles and you can save user’s time and struggle to see all images one by image.

Tip #4. Zoom facility on image

Some time users want to see product closely and some time users face problem to see full product view because all images have fix size for all products.  Add a zoom facility on product images so user can see your product closely and judge the product quality and details.



Tip #5. Show all product images instead scrolling

Scroll icons are not much visible and users can leave without purchasing. so showing next product images in the bottom or left/right side can help them. Users can easily check all images with different angles/background.

Product Images with Scroll 

Product Image without Scroll

Tip #6. Use Product video where possible (for your top selling products at least)

A study says product video can boost your ecommerce revenue. People love to see live product demo and they can easily understand how it will look and how it will work. I know that ecommerce website have thousand of products and you can’t add product video on all products so you should add videos only high selling products or products which needs live trial.

Tip #7. Live Trial by Webcam

Using this fancily, users can take live trial of the product himself. is an Eye glasses frame website gives webcam facility where users can try eye glasses on their face. It can give a good practical experience to users and helps to increase your conversions and sales.

Tip #8. Add to Cart Button Optimization

Use Add to Cart Button instead Buy Button or you can use both button. Users can easily edit their products any time from their cart that’s why they love “Add to cart” button instead “Buy” button. And A study says people click on “Add to cart” button more than “Buy” button. Actually the “Buy” button takes users to checkout page but add to cart button does not change the page and users can buy multiple products at a time.

High Contrast button color – Add to cart button color should be catchy and visible for users. Mostly Orange color works best.

Use both button if most users buy one products – This is long process that add product in the cart and then go to the cart page and then proceed for checkout. Some users want to buy quickly and they want to buy only one product so “Buy” button can help them so add “Buy” button with “Add to cart” button. Make sure the “Add to Cart” button should be more visible then “Buy” button. You can use red color for buy button and orange color for “Add to cart” button.

Make sure button is visible in above the fold – Your “Add to Cart” button and “Buy” button should be visible for users so fix this in above the fold area but below the product description. If your product description is big then add some products details after the button.

Tip #9. Multiple Delivery Methods

If you are using single payment method then you are losing many customers and money. So you can boost your eCommerce sale by using multiple payment methods. I am sharing here some payment methods which can boost your eCommerce conversions and revenue.

Cash on Delivery Method – If you are not a popular eCommerce store like Amazon and eBay then people will feel insecure to buy any products from your site and if money is big then insecurity can increase, but when they see “Cash on Delivery” Method on the product page then they feel secure because they have to pay after the delivery. People do this because they know about online frauds in the market.

Some people use Case for shopping because they don’t have much online money (Credit Card/Debit Card). So “Cash on Delivery” method can help them to buy products from your eStore.

Some People are not familiar with online transaction process so they choose “Cash on Delivery” method for online shopping.

So you can attract more users by “Cash on Delivery” method and increase your online sale.

EMI Method – Some people can’t pay all money at same time especially big price products so EMI method can help you to attract these people. You can tie-up with any EMI provider company and use this method in your eCommerce website.

Direct Online Payment Method – Some users don’t carry much cash and they love to pay online. Make your online process simple and provide instant help if user face any problem during transaction. You should Provide many options as much as possible for users.

Other popular methods – checkout buy paypal, bitcoin, google, amazon, Paytm, shopify can attract more users.

Tip #10. Product Recommendation

Also add similar products in the bottom of the product page. It can help you to increase your revenue and sale.

Tip #11. Add Urgency and Scarcity

This technique can boost your conversions. A study says urgency and scarcity always work. But you should use this technique smartly. Don’t show it for every product, it can damage your brand.

Tip #12. Show How Many People Buy the Product

If there are good numbers then don’t forget to show that how many people already buy the product. This technique also helps to boost your conversions.

Tip #13. Give Rewards on Social Media Shares

Add social media icons in the product page bottom area and give users rewards or discount for sharing.




Tip #14. Show Verified Sign on Verified Products

Generally, big brands are using this technique because they sale products of third party shop keepers. People feel more secure if they see verified sign. You can also use this technique if you are selling products of third party shop keepers.

Tip #15. Give a Best Rate Guarantee

A “Best rate guarantee” seal with product can boost your conversions. Use it if you are sure for your rates and you can tie-up with the manufacturer.

Example – Flipkart have a tie-up with Motorola and sale their products with best rate guarantee.

Tip #16. Product Return Facility with return policy guideline

People doesn’t like damage or defective products so you can encourage people by giving them return facility within 7 days or more. You must add return policy link on the product page and make sure it is visible.

Tip #17. Give Notify Facility for Out of Stoke Products

If user land on any out of stock product then show there a message “We will notify you by email” and take customer’s email. Some time people like your product design and pricing but find that product is out of stock and they may drop off so this technique can help them to convert in future. People may wait if product is really good.

Tip #18. Offer Free shipping or FREE shipping over 50$

Some people don’t buy from the market because everything is available online but shipping charges can discourage them for online shopping. They can buy from the market or from other online ecommerce website where free shipping available. So free shipping offer can boost your conversions.
Some ecommerce website owners show pricing after adding shipping charges and don’t show shipping prices on the product page. Local market owners add transportation charges with the product pricing and they don’t ask these charges separately. So you can also do this, make sure pricing is similar to the local market.

Tip #19. Show Shipping Charges on the Product Page

Some time users buy products from long distance and owners provide different shipping charges for different location, so showing shipping charges at the end of the checkout page is not a good idea. You should display the shipping charges on the product page.

Tip #20. Give Express Delivery Option

People desperate to get the product as soon as possible. So fast delivery can encourage them. You can also ask for extra money for fast delivery and increase revenue.

Tip #21. By adding zip code Calculate shipping charges and display delivery location available or not

Websites calculate shipping charges according to users’ location so ask location before you go and show shipping charges on the same product page.

Tip #22. Prominent Product Reviews

Show rating on the top area is a good idea but also show all review comments and numbers in the bottom.

Tip #23. Add Third Party Sites’ Reviews

More reviews means more trust and conversions. Third party reviews can increase your reviews on the product page and it can help to users buying the product.

Tip #24. Give a “Save” option (watch list option)

Save option can help you to collect emails because sign-up is mandatory to save products. Mostly users come for the window shopping and when they find something useful and buy product in future, they can do this by save option.

Tip #25. Add shortcut to change color, size

It is a good idea to improve user experience. Generally, websites use left-side filters for this but you can add size and color changing option close to the product image.

Tip #26. Add product description in bullets

Product Description should be neat and clean. You can use bullet points for product description. You can also categorize the description by features, configuration and other details.

Tip #27. Highlight Pricing

Pricing must be visible in big letters on the top. Users want to see product price first then they see other things.

Tip #28. Show discount (%) and Crossed Old Price with the Final Price

Show Final Price in big and bold letters and also add discount (%) and old price with “Cross” close to the final price. So user can easily understand your offer.

Tip #29. Display Taxes and other Hidden Charges before Checkout

Show all the taxes and other hidden charges on the product page. People love this transparency.

Tip #30. Add Live Chat

You can get users trust and solve their issues on live chat so it is also a good idea to increase sales.

Tip #31. Add FAQ

You can add common questions in the FAQ section and add this section at the end of the page. If it is not possible to add FAQ in all products then add a FAQ link of common questions on the product page.

Tip #32. Add Customer care number & Contact details

This can also help to increase sale of complicated products and big price products. I will recommend you to add a toll free number.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.