Pricing Page Optimization


The pricing page must be simple and clutter free. Reduce the length of the text as much as possible. Check some examples here…

Tip #1. Give some Mafia offer

Mafia offers like money back guarantee, discount and savings can boost your sales and profit substantially. Check it out in this example, here, the mafia offer is 30 days’ free trial.

Tip #2. Give a Free Trial

– Free trial is the latest trend in B2B online market, everyone doing this to attract customers.

– At least give 30 days’ free trial to users.

Tip #3. No Credit Card with Free Trial

In this era, free trials are trending everywhere, users don’t trust and pay to any website without using any free demo or trial. People may be afraid if you ask for credit card details right away.

Tip #4. Take care of security and trust

Make the pricing page easier and safer for users. People must feel secure during the payment transaction so, use https security, security trust seal, provide terms and condition and FAQ link for details.

Tip #5. Add testimonials and Clients

– Add testimonials with client image, it provides more trust.

Tip #6. Must Use FAQ

People want to know more about your website, before making any payment so, it is compulsory to provide complete information for the users. Check which topics you can cover in FAQs.

Examples –

  • Security
  • Payment Method
  • Account cancellation
  • Conditions for money back guarantee and discount
  • Validity

Tip #7. Highlight one popular plan with different color

It can possibly increase your sales, People give more attention to a highlighted plan. Check example here.

Tip #8. Play with numbers, add no. of users

Numbers affect around 6000 times more on human’s mind, than any simple para of information.

Tip #9. Use Price illusion – 199$ etc

Studies say that illusion with price creates more impression in human’s mind.

Tip #10. Add benefits and features during checkout

Repeating the benefits and features on the payment sign up page is a good idea to increase sales.

Tip #11. Don’t hide taxes and other hidden charges

People tend to get irritated with extra charges during checkout (Last step), so disclose all extra charges before payment. People love this transparency and it will create goodwill for your company.

Tip #12. Use actionable and attractive call to action button text

Don’t go direct, use simple text to create actionable texts for your buttons.


– Use Sign Up, Choose Plan, Select Plan, Get Started instead Pay Now

Tip #13. Use Progress Bar

– Provide all steps before checkout, people love this.

– Highlight the current position with different color.

Tip #14. Avoid navigation

– Remove all menu links and footer links from the pricing page, it can help in decreasing drop offs.

Tip #15. Describe each and every feature on mouse over

It’s a shortcut technique to provide more information on pricing page quickly. People love this. It is like a mini FAQ. You can also send user to FAQ section with a hyperlink in this feature.

Tip #16. Make price stronger than currency sign ($)

– Show costing on the top and in big size.

– Make $ sign small, it’s a study by marketing experts that if you make currency sign ($) big, it can increase heart beats and negatively affect the human’s mind.

Tip #17. Provide Payment method details

Provide payment method details by using icons which are immediately captured by people because they are big brands.

Tip #18. Use tab in case of more than one currency

– For multiple Currencies, you can use country icon or currency icon in tab.

– It is possible that you can show different currency for different country on same page.

Example – if user opens the website in USA then show currency in US $ and if user opens the website in India then automatically US $ currency symbol will be replaced with INR (Rs.) Indian Rupees. The Developer detects the country from the user’s browser and then shows the data accordingly.

Tip #19. Show monthly prices but paid annually

It’s like a trap so; clearly mention that you are taking an annual price. This trick is work if you have low pricing. In this technique, we play with user’s mind.

Tip #20. Provide annual pricing with discount and increase sales

It is a good technique to increase online sales. People may buy annually instead monthly if you give some discount with annual price.

Tip #21. Must optimize for mobile

Make separate page for mobile users, because keeping the pricing as the first table provides the title for the next tables so, make sure your pricing page is optimized in the mobile site.

Tip #22. Use call to action button in above of the fold

Call to Action button should be placed right on the upper side of pricing section; you can show it on both sides.

Tip #23. Don’t make costing complicated

– don’t use prices in decimal form.

Tip #24. Make it funny

It can touch human’s heart and make them happy. It is necessary to make the content easy to understand.


Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.