Popup Optimization


A world’s study says that 60% people bounce the page without any engagement and it is 80% on blog pages. Exit Intent popup can help you to stop users which are going to close your website. When users drag their mouse pointer to close button then system show a popup just before the user clicks on the close button. And here you can offer something beneficial for users so they can stop and convert. For an eCommerce website, the exit intent popup can reduce abandonment.

Tip #1. Show exit message like “wait” or “before you go”

A study says that if you show exit message on the top of the exit popup then the user can read your popup carefully and you can convert them by giving good mafia offer.

Tip #2. Offer something beneficial for Users

Don’t sale here, give something free to users or it should be beneficial for users. See some ideas for the exit intent popup.

  • Free Guide
  • Read full content
  • Free Blog Subscription
  • Free Newsletter Sign-up
  • Free Trial Tool Sign-up
  • Free Blog PDF Download
  • Social Media Referral
  • Free Analysis Report
  • Free Checklist

For eCommerce

  • First Time User Offer
  • Discount offer
  • Coupon Code
  • Cart Amendment
  • Discount offer on newsletter sign-up

Tip #3. Use impressive text instead cross button to close the popup

If you show close link in the bottom then chances increase to read the popup and second, if you say that you can lose [your free offer] with close link or button then users may re-think about your offer. You should make this link or button in a light color and use a high contrast color for main CTA button.

Tip #4. Add progress bar on the top of the popup form

You can use progress bar if you are giving free sign-up or guide in the popup instead of a “wait message”. You must show 50% completed. See this example

Tip #5. Choose Best Popup Background

Background masking can impact the popup conversions. So what type of background should we use to convert most users.

It depends how much the popup needs focus.

There are three type of popup masking.

  1. Dark background masking
  2. Light background masking
  3. No background masking

If the action is mandatory on popup {for example – users need to sign to access the tool} or popup is highly relevant and useful for users then we can use dark color masking/background.

If the popup needs less focus then you can go with light color masking/background. for example – blog subscription popup form, Discount offer popups. in this case user can see the behind the masking.

Sometime the popup material contains kind of promotional things and we aware that there are highly chances users can bounce the page, in that case we use simple without background popup.

So dark background color creates high focus and convert most.

But you must do A/B testing with all backgrounds which above explained and find out the best one and must analyze bounce rate with conversion rate.

Tip 6. Choose Best Popup Size

Popup size also can impact the popup conversions.

Full width Popup

You can use full-screen popup instead masking because it generates more focus and you can make it more attractive by beautiful image and design.

One more example

Half width popup

in some cases (if popup material is not so attractive) full-width popup can bounce your users very much so try with half width popup.

You can do A/B testing to find best popup size.

Tip #7. Close your popup if users press “Esc” key

You should close your exit popup if users press “Esc” key from the keyboard. It can improve the user experience.

Tip #8. Use powerful heading

Specify your offer and user benefits in the heading and user power words in the heading.

Give a solid reason to users to make action, see example-

Example – Download Your Free Conversion Optimization eBook Now (47 Pages)

  • In this example, we are using three power words “Download”, “Free” and “Now”
  • 47 pages that mean free guide has in-depth details, this is a solid reason to download.
  • And here “Conversion Optimization eBook” is a beneficial offer for users.
  • “Your” word is a personal word and it also creates impression on users’ mind.

Tip #9. Add urgency with Popup

If you add urgency like offer only for today, only for two days or if use offer timer like 2 days 27 minutes 47 sec. left, this can increase your conversions.

Tip #10. Use hero image

Hero image can make your offer more attractive and beautiful but make sure it is highly relevant to the offer.

Provide edge in Image

This technique makes your popup more beautiful and can impress users to convert them.

Smiley Face Image Impact More

A smiley face image can boost your popup conversions.

Tip #11. Add User Trust with Popup

Trust indicators like Numbers (22000 Users have already joined), Testimonials with real images and news logos, business experience etc. can increase user trust and help to increase conversions.

Tip #12. Choose Best Popup Frequency

Don’t irritate users by showing the popup again and again. Show popup only one time in a day/month/week for a single user.

Developers use cookies for this functionality and also there are many tools for popup functionality and design.

Tip #13. Mention User Name in the Popup

Normal Exit Intent Popup looks like an advertisement. So now the question is how to make the popup more impressive for users. Mentioning the name of the user in the popup can impact powerfully. User can be impressed if you approach them personally.

You can only use this functionality for existing customers or existing visitors who have filled their name and email on your website before. OptinMonster tool is also provide this kind of service.

Tip #14. Choose Best Popup Type

There are many type of popup available in the website industry, you have to choose which type of popup suites your business. Every type of popup have their specialty. You can them according to your business goal.

Usually we use  popups to capture emails and then we convert them into sale using email marketing.

for Example

You can show a popup of free ebook download and get email and after few days you can sale your product/services on email.

Here are the all list of popups…

Exit Intent popup is highly recommended popup technique in present.

Tip #15. Choose Best Popup Location

Where to appear your popup can also impact your sale. So show your popup where users can convert the most. And one thing must consider that It is not compulsory that showing popup in the middle of the page will convert the most. Although the visibility of this area is highest but users may irritate some time and you can loose your users.

After selecting the popup type according to your business goal, now you have to choose popup location or website area

You can also use multiple popup types and multiple popup locations according to your business goal.

Three best places to show your popup

  • Middle of the page
  • Bottom right side area
  • Bottom left side area

Do A/B testing and find the best place for the popup.

Tip #16. Select Best Page/Section

User may irritate if you show your popup everywhere. You can choose specific pages or section for popup with taking the business goal in your mind.

Many popup tools provides specific settings for popup locations.

You can target different popup for the different type of users. Example- Suppose you are a web design company then you can ask different popup for different services like give an offer on Shopify design on Shopify service page and give an offer on Magento design on Magento service page. It can help you to convert more users.