How to Quickly Check Backlinks in Google Search Console

Yes, It is true. You can check your website backlinks in google search console (webmaster) easily and free of cost. You don’t need to buy any paid tool for backlinks. Although paid tools provide some extra information about the backlinks.

How to find links in Search console

Just follow few steps to see backliks in Google search console (GSC). Have a look…

Step 1 – Login your search console account

Step 2 – Scroll left side menu till the end and here you can see ‘Links‘ sub-menu

GSC Backlinks

Step 3 – Now Scroll the main screen and click on ‘Top Linking Sites’

Top Linking Sites Webmaster

Here you can see all backlinks of your website

Google search console backlinks

You can also check here…

  • Top linked pages > External Links – External (outer websites) Backlink on your pages
  • Top linked pages > Internal Links – Internal backlinks on your pages
  • Top Linking Text

GSC top linking pages

Note: Google search console might remove those links which were made by spammy websites itself so GSC backlinks data may be different from paid backlink checker SEO tools.

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