Landing Page Optimization

1. Use Powerful Heading

Pickup customers’ pain point in the heading and use numbers, questions, benefits

Example.1 – 73% website owners which are getting good traffic but less conversions (Pain point with even number)
(A study says that even number works better. Example – 73%)

Example.2 – Why Digital marketing agencies are failed to generate traffic (Question)

Example.3 – Increase your traffic & Conversions without spending a dollar on ads. (Benefits)

2. Add Explainer Video

A study says that explainer video can boost your conversions 4 times more. Users love to watch video instead reading full content. You can explain your product or services benefits, work process and other details quickly and place it in above the fold area, don’t forget to add call to action at the end of the website.

3. Add Contact form or call to action button in above the fold

Fix a call to action button in above the fold area or add a contact form in right side above the fold area.

4. Use Hero image

If you are not using explainer video then try relevant and emotional image on the top so user can feel your product and services.

5. Benefits or Customer problem-solution

People impress by benefits rather than features so add benefits first then describe your features.

People land on your website to see their problem’s solution.
Example.1 – Looking an agency which provides website design with load time optimization.
Example.2 – Looking a cleaning company which provides same day service.

So collect all customers’ problems and provide solutions on the top of the page. So if any problem clicks with any customer then chances increase to purchase.

6. Add Product Features/Services

After the benefits or customers’ problem-solution add your product features or services. And also add navigation to read in details.

7. Add Trust Indicators

You should add Testimonials, Clients logos, Awards & certificates, News logos, big associates and partners at the end of the website.

8. Don’t use auto slider

When user see/reed the auto slider’s image and then image has changed immediately and user get irritate. So avoid auto slider which is generally added on the top of the website.

9. Give Some white space

White space creates a good impression and user can easily find their solution or information.


Example -2.


10. Hide Top navigation menu for paid campaign

If you are running a paid campaign then make a separate landing and remove header links if possible. Make sure you are using contact form or final goal on the same page.