Heading Tags Best SEO Practice


Heading Tags are HTML tags.   <H1> to <H6>

They are used to define font size of the headings.

Why we use Heading Tags

Heading tags help to users and search engines to understand the content and content structure. It also make your content scanable and readable.

Effect on Ranking

Heading tags tell to search engines what topics (keywords) are covered on the page so they can give rank on these topics/keywords.

So we can say – Google loves heading tags and use them in their ranking.

H1 have the highest ranking factor, then h2 is lower than H1 and H3 is lower than H4 and so on. H5 and H6 are very minor ranking factors so avoid them if possible.

Heading Tags Hierarchy

If you are using H1, H3 and H4 headings and missed H2 tag that is not a good SEO practice. Use proper hierarchy. Use main headline in H1 and sub-heading in H2 and further inner heading in H3 and so on.

How to check/find heading tags

suppose you want to check how many H1s you have in the page. Then how you will check, let see…
Just open page view source and search by <H1 and find number of H1s. That’s very simple.

SEO Rules for H1 Tag: H1 is a major ranking factor so must use it in your page. We use H1 for page heading, blog/article heading and news headline.

Target Main Keyword in H1

Use your main keyword in H1 tag and increase chances to get ranking on search engines. Target only one keyword in the H1. You can use other keyword variations in H2, H3 & H4.
For example
WordPress web design – main keyword – Use H1Custom WordPress design – keyword variation 1– Use H2
SEO Friendly WordPress Design– Keyword variation 2 – Use H2
Device Friendly WordPress design – Keyword variation 2 – Use H2Mobile Device WordPress Design – Keyword variation 3 – Use H3
Tablet Device WordPress design – Keyword variation 4 – Use H3

Use only one H1 per page

H1 tells to Google what page is about? There is no penalty to use multiple H1 but Google may confuse that what keyword choose for ranking. So best practice is use only one H1 tag.There is no problem using any number of H2-H6 tags in single page.

H1 and page title should not be exact same

H1 can be similar to page title but not exactly same.
On the other side – It may irritate users if title and headline differ too much.
Both things we should keep in mind.
For Example
Your H1 should be –WordPress Web Design
Your Page Title (<title>) – Best WordPress Website Design

Don’t use same H1 Heading in multiple pages

In that case Google may exclude one page from the indexing. Because Google think both have content on same topic/keyword.

Avoid Too Long H1 Heading Tags

20-70 characters are good limit for h1, avoid too long title. Otherwise Google may think you are trying to stuff too many keywords.

Put H1 on the top

We use H1 for page main heading and main heading should be on top. There is no sense to use it in middle or bottom.

Putting Exact same keyword may risky

People do big mistake here. They put exact same keyword in H1 which is not a good SEO practice. Google may think you are manipulating search results and trying to over-optimize your keyword. Write headline for users. Add impressive and power words in heading.
For example:
Your Main keyword is – WordPress Web Design
Your H1 should be – Creative & Innovative WordPress Web Design
Your Page Title (<title>) – Best WordPress Website Design & Development

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.