Google Analytics Real Time Report


Define Real time in Google Analytics: If you want to see active visitors of your website, you should check real time in google analytics. It will show you how many users are browsing your website right now.

User activity in real time is an important marketing data for website owners and marketers. They can easily check their email, AdWords and social media campaigns. You can see real time reaction of users.

Generally Google analytics and other tools provide reports after 24 hours and some are provided after 1 hour but here you can see last 30 minutes hits data in real time google analytics reports. See the page view section in the image to check for the last 30 minutes data.

Define active users in real time report: Users who visit the website within the last 5 minutes are called active users in real time google analytics report. If you don’t have any hits from the last 5 minutes then you will see zero (0) users in the real time report. So people who are visiting your website right away are active users.

In this post I will explain to you everything about real time google analytics reports, analysis, benefits, api, filters etc.

Advantage of Real Time Report

You can use a real time report to see if anything is running or not properly. Lets see some examples…

  • You can check your active website users by location, source, events, page wise.
  • You can go for website maintenance by checking real time users.
  • You can see paid campaigns / email campaigns / affiliate marketing campaigns are running or not right now.
  • You can see and analyze utm campaign data in real time.
  • You can see current topics and trends using this report.
  • You can see A/B test data in real time and avoid big loss. (find the winner immediately)
  • How people are reacting after site changes (New UI, Feature add or change).
  • You can see app downloads after the promotional campaign in real time.
  • You can see top referrals, top countries, top pages in real time.
  • You can check your google analytics is working properly or not just after implementing tracking code.

How to find real time report in google analytics

Step 1. Login your Google analytics account

Step 2. Go to report section from left side menu

Step 3. and click on real time

It will look like this – (Real time report view data)


You can segregate it by location, traffic source, content (page), events, conversions, referrals, social traffic and keywords. Let’s learn all in details.

Real Time Report by Location

You can see real time users by country and city. I mean You can see how many users are active right now from any specific country and city.

Let’s see how real time location wise looks.

Step 1. Go to real time menu in the left side

Step 2. then click on location

If you click on any country then it will show you city wise data of that country. You guys can also see the location data in the map form.

Real Time Report by Traffic Source

Website owners can see real time visitors by traffic source in their google analytics account. Traffic source means – source and medium. Sources are such as (direct), google, bing etc. and Mediums are such as none, referral, organic, affiliate, email etc.You can also see here utm campaign sources and Mediums data.

Have a look into the image where you can see source and medium wise data with percentage (check colors).

Real Time Report by Content (Page)

Real time content report is a very important report for big website owners. You can see how many users are visiting which pages in real time (right now). You can find active pages and their page titles in this report. Have a look at this in an example…

page wise real time google analytics report

Real time Report by Events

Same you can check events wise users in real time. It will show you the event category and event action details. You can easily see your all events like document downloads, sign ups, purchase, CTA clicks, ad clicks, video plays etc.

event wise real time traffic

Real Time Report by Conversions

If you have goals setup already then you can see conversion wise real time report in google analytics. If you don’t have then you have to add goals first then you can find here conversions.

conversion wise report in google analytics

Google Analytics Real-Time Report not Working

Why does your real time have no users, is it not working properly? There may be two reasons behind this problem.

  • Google analytics code is not setup or working properly.
  • You don’t have active users right now. (visit your site and then check)
  • Refresh the google analytics from the browser sometimes it hangs.

Is Real Time Report Accurate?

Yes, if you have implemented google analytics code correctly that means your real time reporting will be correct. Sometimes we think it is not showing all visits then wait for 2-3 second, it may be possible your internet connection is slow.

Filters in Real Time Report

You can add filters in real time reports in google analytics. You just click on any metrics / dimension of any active users report and it will be added on the top. You can also see what is inside it. Let’s understand this by an example –

I just clicked on referral in the traffic source real time report and this filter added on the top and you can also see inside details – source and referral path

This filter will also go with the other real time reports.

Same you can use other filters like social media filter, referral filter, any city or country filter etc.

Real Time Report by Device Wise

You can see all real time reports by device wise (mobile and desktop). for example

mobile desktop real time report

Real Time Dashboard

You can see a real time dashboard at the home page of google analytics. When you login your google analytics account, by default google analytics will show you home page. There is an option in the bottom right corner ‘real time report’, here you can click and see full report. Have a look at this in the image…

dashboard real time report

Is real time report support custom dimension

Real time reports do not support custom dimensions at present time. Here is a list of all dimensions supported by real time reports in google analytics (GA).

Google Analytics Real time API

Google analytics api for real time report is here – Real time reporting api

Real Time Alerts

You can set up alerts for real time reports only through real time report api. Check the above link for this.

You can use other power bi tools for real time stats and metrics.

Bug in Real time Report

Sometimes happen that suddenly website traffic has increased and you see huge active users in your real time report. If you are not running any campaign then it may be spam traffic so you need to block it. You can check the medium and source and figure out the traffic quality. Due to fake traffic through spam bots or software you can see the wrong count of active users in your real time report.


So real time report in google analytics is a secret weapon for big website owners and marketers and you can take action quickly for your any paid campaign and A/B test and get benefit of this report. If you want to ask anything about this please contact from contact us page.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.