Form Captcha Optimization


– Generally, website owners use captcha to stop spams from software or machines (Spambot) which are not actually human but they forget that it is just not a right solution.

– It is a big barrier between you and your customers and it can totally kill your conversions.

– Mostly Captcha is not good for user experience but it can be made user friendly. Website owners can try these techniques and improve user experience and overall conversions.

Tip #1. Don’t use Captcha till it is not mandatory

We have faced many websites which had captcha without any reason and when we removed them, it resulted in 20-30% increment in conversions. So, remove your captcha if it is not that mandatory.

Tip #2. Single Digit Numeric Captcha

Mostly captcha are very complicate for users, people get very irritated when they see complicated captcha, hence, in that case you can use a single digit captcha. It is very simple in use compared to others.

Tip #3. Checkbox Captcha

– It is simpler even than the single digit captcha.

– A Text within checkbox is very important. You can use some common text. Example – I am not a spambot, I am not a robot etc.

– We suggest it to all our clients. It is the best option to replace your complicated captcha with checkbox captcha.

Tip #4. Slide Captcha

It is another of the simple solutions to make a user friendly captcha. It is best suited for mobile users however can be used for other genera users.

Tip #5. Invisible Captcha (Honeypots)

In this technique, the captcha is hidden with the help of CSS and JavaScript. Here the captcha is not shown by users. In this technique server side JavaScript recognize the difference between spambots and humans. This technique helps to remove requirement of captcha and increase conversions.

Note: – If users are using screen reader software then spam bots are not be encountered by this technique. So take care for this.

Tip #6. Google Recaptcha not work for all

The Google Recaptcha feature is also a checkbox captcha but it does not always show a checkbox. Sometime it can irritate users especially when the user sees images in captcha.

Most of the conversion experts prefer Google recaptcha but actual user feedback is bad for this. It is also considered responsible for a high Page load time.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.