Footer Optimization


Footer is a very important part of the website; you must optimize footer to convert them into sales.

Three reasons behind how a user reaches the footer

– If user does not get any relevant information at the bottom.

– If user has completed reading/scanning of all content.

Most of the users drop from the footer but using some footer optimization techniques they can be converted into sales. Techniques are given below…

Tip #1. Navigation with Category

– It is possible that user may land on an irrelevant page or similar page so here, the Footer navigation can help them.

– Make footer like a mini sitemap; add your links category wise.

– Put here important links / Top links which user wants to visit the most.

– Put here some common links like about us, contact us, sitemap, career, feedback, support, FAQ etc.

Tip #2. Call to action button

Call to action button is easily visible for users, so it can decrease chances of leaving website.

Tip #3. Contact form

User finds contact form on same page or at the end of the page useful. So, footer contact form can increase your conversions.

Tip 4. Certificates and Awards

Showcase your awards and certificates here to draw the user’s attention.

Tip #5. Security seal

Tell the users that you are 100% secure and you can use security trust icons. It will help build a trust in the user’s mind.

Tip #6. Social media with numbers

It is a standard format these days that almost everyone searches social links in the footer. It can help you to increase your social media engagement. Add numbers with social media icons if you have in good amount.

Tip #7. Payment methods

Adding Payment methods in the footer is a good idea. People love this.

Tip #8. Contact info

Offline sale can be increased by adding Contact information in the footer.

Contact information examples..

1. Email id

2. Phone

3. Number

4. Skype ID

5. Toll Free Number

Tip #9. Address and Map

Physical address creates more trust and increases conversions and sales for local businesses.

Let’s see an example, if you are running a cleaning service business in your local city, so people would like to contact those websites which are locally established, now, if they see local address on the page then chances increase to convert.

Tip #10. Newsletter Signup

People nowadays want to learn and be updated with new features. So, newsletter form in the footer is best for those types of users.

Basically, newsletter subscription forms remains in news or blog section’s sidebar but you can also add this form in services page’s footer.

Tip #11. Site Search

Mostly user reach the footer when they find nothing in the body of the page but Site search can help them to find their relevant information and it can decrease bounce rate and increase the average conversions rate of your website.

12. Add partners & Associates

You can increase more trust and reputation of your website if, you are showing well known persons as your associates and partners. Footer is one of good place to show them as a logo.

Tip #13. Terms and Policies /Legal

It is a type of trust factor that people love and encourage to see these various kinds of legal information related to your pages. It can increase your conversions. Big dealers want to read all policies and legal documents before making a big purchase on your website. So, the best place to fix legal links is footer.

Tip #14. Blog or Articles

Users will like to read more pages if you put top trending blogs and articles in your footer. They should be extremely good rather engaging to read.

Tip #15. Upcoming events

Future events can be fixed in footer like an events calendar for the users.

Tip #16. Copy Right Massage

This is a proof that you have your own original content and it also constitutes as a trust factor. People love to see this.

Tip #17. Must optimize for mobile

Big footers for mobiles are not a good idea. Make footers simple and small for mobile users. You can use tabs category wise, hide some images, use map link instead of a map image.

Tip #18. Go to top button

It is a very important feature for big scrolling websites meaning that pages which have large amounts of content in them and user has to do a lot of scrolling to read the full content. Here, the Go to top button can help the user to go back again to the top and they can perform further actions instead of simply leaving the page. It can help you to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. If you use this button in entire page with the user scrolling, then it will better for retaining the visitor.

Tip #19. Change Language/Currency Option

Provide facility to change language and currency in the footer if required. It can help in making your website user friendly.

Tip #20. Download App Option

You can further promote your applications in footer. Providing an app download option especially for your mobile based users will be a sure-shot method to increase your conversions. Check it in upper example.

Tip #21. Light Footer Background color

The Footer color can considerably affect your website flow and user experience. Light weight color provides less focus on the footer and people try to click in body elements. You must do the A/B testing when you change background color of footer for maximum results.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.