Explainer Video Optimization

Introduction – Explainer Video

Generally we use explainer video to explain services or products and we place it on landing pages. Many website owners have boosted their conversions upto 400%. Explainer Video is the most important weapon to boost your website conversions. It impacts If you are not using it that means you are loosing many customers. It can increase your website branding. I will explain you that how to make explainer video for a product/service and how it will help you to increase your website revenue.


A study says that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. People frequently understand a video explanation.  You can easily explain your product or services with details in a short time video.

1. Fix Explainer video in above the fold

Fix your explainer video in above the fold area of landing page because this area is highly visible for users so they can watch it immediately and get all the information about the product without any struggle.

2. Add benefits with Explainer Video

You should pick the user’s pain points and explain solutions in the video and add product’s benefits in the video.

3. Add Trust Indicators

You should add trust indicators like testimonials, number of clients etc. in the video, it can help you to increase conversions.

4. Add Call to action at the end

Don’t forget to add call to action at the end of the video, example – website url or phone number. You should provide next step to users that do “sign up”, take “free trial” and check pricing. And show the CTA near the video so user can find it easily and take action immediately. (I hope you know that you can’t click in video but you can say where to go after the video)

5. Short Video Length

People don’t like to watch lengthy video. Explainer video should not be more than 2-3 minutes. Make it small as much as possible and also mention video time duration on the thumbnail or near the video. See the example…

6. Attractive Video Thumbnail

Video’s Thumbnail image should be catchy and attractive.
You can show the total video time on the thumbnail so user will not afraid to watch or click.

7. Explain How it works

Suppose you are running a web design agency then explain the work process in the video step by step. (Plan –> Design –> Development –>Testing –> Live)

Add Features – Explain your product/service features in the video so user can understand your product/service quickly.

8. Hosting and Analyze Video

  • How many people are watching your video (compare with the total traffic)
  • Which landing pages are producing high video clicks and which are producing high bounce rate.
  • How far they watch the video.
  • What’ the effect on revenue after the video so you have to track everything.

So Host or upload your video where you can easily get the data to analyze video traffic. You can analyze your YouTube video in Google Analytics and many services are also availed who provides video analytics if you upload there. Example – wistia.com

9. Use it Everywhere

You should add this video everywhere such as in email signature, newsletter, events, home page, landing page, social media campaign, ppc adwords campaign, thank you mail and page etc. It can help you to increase your sale from other platform.

video link signature

Use thumbnail for better results

video signature with thumbnail

10. Video Quality & Design

Use beautiful Graphics/Animation and make it very impressive. Video graphics quality should be good and in HD (High Definition). Find good video maker company or tool because beautiful video can boost your revenue. Choose video style and type according to your business. Here is an example of a popular travel website.

11. Professional Voice

Use only professional Voice speech. You can hire someone for this. You can impress your users by background sound effects. Answer customer’s questions in your product video.

12. Powerful Heading with Explainer Video

A powerful heading can increase your video clicks and high clicks means high conversions. You can use heading on the top of the video otherwise you can put your heading in the video thumbnail. Make your heading actionable e.g. – “How our Tool Works”.