Domain Age (Domain Registration Length) is a SEO Ranking Factor?

What is Domain Age

Time duration between first time domain registration date to today is called domain age.

How to Check Domain Age

Just open any domain checker tool

Submit your website and see website age.

Check here example:

Scenario 1. Domain age  Vs. Content Quality

If my domain is very old that mean my content quality will be good?

No! This is not necessary.

Domain age is not an indication of good content quality.

Scenario 2. If Domain Registration Date Is Private

There is a policy in few countries that they do not public domain age. And many people make their domain registration date private. How will Google figure out age for them? There is no way to get this.

Scenario 3. Domain Age represents Trust and Reputation?

Does old domain represent trust, reputation and big brand score?

That is why Google give benefit in overall Ranking, that is true?

Many people buy old domain and try to get this benefit but Google aware with this trick and I don’t think Google will pick domain age for website reputation and trust.


Google also have given reply on twitter about Domain age, see Google’s statements on domain age and domain registration length.

domain age google's ranking factor by john

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