Content Writing SEO Best Practice

We all know there are 200 factors for Google SEO and Content is one of them. Content is a secret weapon to boost website ranking. If you have killer content, you can easily achieve top ranking, you content is not good then trust me 199 SEO factors can’t help you in ranking.

So my experience says that invest 90% time on content writing and give 10% to other technical SEO things.

Ahrefs have done a great research on SEO Content (Pages)

SEO content research

Why 95.50% Pages do not have good SEO traffic?

  • Not targeting right keyword(s)
  • Not having quality content
  • Not having good content length
  • Not having well structured content
  • Not having readable and scanable content
  • Not focusing on question keywords
  • Not writing for users

Keyword Research

You have to find out keywords for your main topic and sub-headings/inner headings before start writing. Let’s see step by step guide for keyword research.

Main Keyword Decide Future of SEO Content

Generally, Website owners do a big mistake that they do not target good search volume keywords and suffers with low traffic.

You should choose main keyword which have some good search volume (demand). Search volume may different for every site. Find out good demand keywords using keyword tools.

You can use Google’s keyword planner or other Free keyword SEO tools.

Keyword Planner Tool

Neil Patel UberSuggest Keyword Tool

Analyze Keyword Profitability

I have heard that many times that getting good traffic but not getting good conversions and sales. Because we do not target good conversion keywords. SEO takes time to get ranking and if you found after 2 years that you have good traffic and ranking but not getting any sale. It means you have wasted too much money to get ranking from two years. How to check profitable keywords:

  • Find best conversion rate producing keywords from your AdWords data (Paid Campaigns)
  • Analyze by self, Website owners know what type of queries may convert. Because they are working on it from long time.

Target Keyword Variations in Sub-Headings

Why only target one keyword, also target main keywords variations through sub-headings and inner headings.

  • Use sub-headings and inner headings as much as possible
  • More sub-headings => more keyword target => more SEO traffic
  • Sub-headings make content more readable
  • Google gives priority to those keywords/words in ranking which are used in sub-headings/inner headings.
    See keyword variation example:

keyword variation in meta title

Keyword Placement

Make sure you are not placing keywords or sub-keywords exactly same anywhere such as meta tag, url, headings, sub-headings, inner-headings. And not using keywords multiple times in the content. It would be better if you use synonyms and keyword variations.


Keyword: SEO content strategy

Keyword variation: Ultimate guide of SEO copy writing


Content Length

There is a study says that 2000+ words content per page is a good idea to get top 10 ranking.

Benefits (1). More Keywords target

You can target many keyword variations with in-depth content and get good organic traffic.

target keywords with in-depth content

Benefit (2): Get More Backlinks

Study says if you write in-depth content (2000+ words) then people create more backlinks for you and very much like in-depth content.

more backlink with in-depth content

Take your time as much you want and write best content in the world. See what Yosef Silver explained in their Mozcon presentation.

Do Research

  • There is a simple SEO rule – If you want to get number one ranking in the world (or in your country) then your content should be the best in the world (or in your country). So do some research on top Google’s results and see what type of topics they are covering and how you can write content better than them. You should check at least top 10 results and also check it for few sub-topics.
  • You can also get some idea to write in-depth content after doing this research.
  • Content writer must know about Google’s Latest Update E-A-T
  • You can use content research tool for content writing. I love semrush tool.


In-Depth Information

  • Content Length: As we know content length matters in these days, a study says 2000-5000 words per page is a good practice.
  • Find Details: Cover all sub-topics of your main keyword. Find all related sub-topics and variations using this keyword suggestion tool for your main keyword. If sub-topics (or keywords variations) are too many and not able to cover in a single page then pick those which have good search volume, you can use keyword planner or ubersuggest tool for this.
  • Content Quality Vs. Quantity: Don’t just focus to increasing the content size, every word or sentence must have their meaning. Do not repeat any point by using similar sentences to increase content size. Focus on content quality. content should be really informative and useful for users. Users love in-depth details and indirectly it helps in ranking. If your main keyword do not require in-depth details then no need to add vague. In that case, small content is better for users. Think as a user while writing the content. You can also search your topic on Google and see top results – how much content other websites have?

Readable Content

A study says – users do not read every word and sentences, they just scan the page. Let’s see how we can make our content readable and beautiful for users. For an in-depth and long content, it is mandatory to make your content scanable.

user scan content

Index Table

  • You can structure your content and make a index table so users can jump on any specific content’s section.
  • You can add hide and show option, it helpful for users.
  • Table index should be in a proper hierarchy and well designed so users can understand content structure.
  • Google can also show your jump links in the search snippet.
  • You can use index table using image icons and make it more beautiful.


Split your content in sub-headings as much as possible so users can easily scan and pick their topic.

Many websites are using only H1 and H2 headings, Not H3 and bold for inner headings. People do this to get SEO benefit because H2 is batter than h3 & bold for ranking. But I feel Now days – Google know this and take it negatively. So I will suggest, you should also use h3 and bold tag headings in your content. Too may H2 tags are not a good SEO practice.

I will recommend add inner headings in H3 and bold/strong form where possible inside the sub-headings (H2).

Small Paragraphs

Write content as you are talking face to face. Generally we take many pauses during face to face talk.

To apply this scenario use small paragraphs in your content so users can easily read your content.

Paragraphs should not be more than 2-3 lines.

Bullet Points

Use bullet points where possible, it also make content more readable, scanable and beautiful.

Important Tip Box

Summarize your big topic in short by using an important tip box. It also helpful to users for content scanning.

important tips for content

Compare Pattern

This is also a good tactic to make your content easy in reading for users. You can write content in compare pattern, I will recommend use it at least one time in the page content.

Best use is, to explain advantage and disadvantage of any topic.

Here you can use proper table and inner headings and other things to make it out of box and beautiful.

I am using here a simple ms word screen shot, but you guys can make it more beautiful.

Right Wrong Form

Explaining your concept in wrong and right form is also a good idea. Users really love this and they easily understand the topic. Because this is more visual than normal content.

wrong right content

Website Font

Everyone love good looking font, there is no need to explain. Website font is also help in reading content.

Font Size: Pick good font size, try 14px to 16px font size for better visibility.

Font Style: Don’t hesitate to buy font style. users may impress and share and link your content on the internet. Avoid too complicated and funky font style. Make sure you are using light weight font otherwise you can face page load time issue.

Font Color: Make your content visual and clear for users. Avoid light color and Pick dark color for text. I love to write in black color on white background.

Example – I love website’s content. It is really beautiful and readable.

One more example for good looking and readable font is

Highlight Important Words

To make your content scanable, highlighting words is play an important role.

Reading Indicator

There are many types of reading indicators available in the internet which tells to users

  • how long is the content.
  • how much scrolling in the content.

See examples:

Example 1 – This Reading indicator tells to users that how long will it take to read.

Example 2 – This reading indicator works as a progress bar, we fix it in the footer bar.

progress bar for content

Example 3 – This reading indicator also works as a progress bar, but we fix it in the header bar.

progress bar in header

Go to Top Button

This is also helpful for readers. They can reach on the top by using this button.

Color Box

You can use colored box for an important section of your webpage content. So users can get easily and quickly whatever they want.important tip box


Spacing also help in reading the content.

  • Give some white space between two lines.
  • and Give some white space between two paragraphs.

Way of Writing

This is very important that users are liking your way of writing or not.

  • Write content as you are talking face to face.
  • Don’t use too many common words.
  • Don’t use complicated language and Jargon in writing.
  • Check grammar and spelling mistakes from everywhere – meta tags, page content, urls, image content. You can use grammar checker tools for this.
  • Don’t repeat words and keywords, better to use synonyms and other variations.
  • Use power words to make your content impressive.
  • Don’t miss font rules


Images, Videos & External Links

  • Add image diagrams and research/stats images and other important graphics in the content with source link. OrbitMedia explained that images helps in SEO.
  • Add proofs and reputed and trusted external links if needed. It can make your content trusted. I want to make sure here – There is no ranking drop of using external links in the content even you can use dofollow tag if they are reputed and trusted site.
  • In these days people also love videos, it easy to understand things. try to add videos in your content or convert your content into video for users. Generally, visuals are more impactful.
  • Use only high definition (HD) Image and Videos otherwise you may loose user trust.

Author (content writer) Details

Suppose You want a content on “resume sample” topic – so it would be better if a professional resume writer write content on this topic instead of a normal content writer. That’s simple.

Google launched E-A-T guideline recently and mentioned that the content should be written by an expert. So it is proved that author details on the page will help in ranking.

I will suggest, must add author bio with face image, designation and their social links.

Users also love content which is written by an expert. Users may check author’s social links and other details to check experience and knowledge.

Adding experts recommendations and comments inside the content is also create trust for users.

So author details make your content more trusted for users and Google both.

In short – Hire an expert not content writer.

Website Design (UI)

Good looking website can help to make your content more beautiful and you can impress your users.

I want to tell you a one important thing that good looking beautiful design motivate users to spread out the content.

You can buy an attractive theme for your website.

See a website case study which increased conversion rate and user experience by UI redesign.

Banner Ads inside the Content

Using banner ads inside the content is bad practice for user experience. Everyone know users don’t like ads. Users may irritate and bounce from the page.

But we write content to get some conversions and sale so sometime we need to add banner ads inside the content for self promotion and to get some conversions. You have business and you want money and that’s why you are writing content. So adding banner ads inside the content to get higher conversion rate is a good CRO practice.

So this is a deadlock situation,

the solution is –

  • Replace your banner ads with simple text link or button.
  • And also connect your content with this ad. Users should feel that they came here to learn about their problem and solution of that problem is available in the simple text button/link (ad).

In short I will say – Your ads should not be look like ads. We also call it native advertisement.

banner ads inside the content

Important Note: If you are going to add ads inside the content then must analyze bounce rate, scroll depth, time duration. So you can know the effect of your newly added ads.

Adsense: If your purpose is adsense then wait for ranking & traffic and then place your ads but in a limited amount.


Trust me, Popups are very irritating thing in the website. Users hate popups.

I will only recommend – use exit popup (popup fire when user try to exit from the webpage), only for desktop users.

See exit popup example –

People also use right or left side bottom popups, which is also fine for desktop users. But avoid it if possible.

See one more example –

avoid popup in the webpage

In the above example – the website is using three popup on user landing
(1). Chat popup
(2). Cookies policy popup
(3). Promotion Popup

Multiple popups can damage user experience.

Give something free

Suppose are a seo agency, then you can give free SEO ebook or guide to download in pdf form. I did this experiment and I noticed people more share your content with their friends.

If possible then don’t ask for email address and contact info for free ebook downloading. Just add a download button.

Promote Content

Don’t forget to promote your content. If you are not promoting your newly written content then it is likely dead content and your hard work will be vanished. How google will know that users are liking your content or not. How google judge content quality without any initial traffic.

  • Share content on your personal social media profiles
  • Share content on the business social media profiles
  • Ask to employees to share and comment
  • Share content in the social media niche groups/communities
  • Ask influencers to share your content, pay for them if they ask. Orbit media write a blog on how to increase SEO traffic by influencers marketing.
  • Add your content link in Quora/yahoo answers. Give atleast 10 answers.
  • Run a low budget paid campaign on social media to promote your content for a small time if above points are not possible to you.

Google will take some time to get ranking for your website because you are not a big brand. Big brands already have good reputation and people share immediately if they post any article. For example if Forbes post any article then it will automatically get rank easily (assuming content quality is good) because of the reputation. For small businesses and start ups, it will take time so be patient.

Don’t mention date and year

Hide blog content publish date – If your content is evergreen then you don’t need to add date and time or year. Because after one year it will become old content for both users and google. You can show content updated date if you regularly update the content.

remove date and time from the post

Date in Meta tags – This is also not a good technique. Because your content will be old after one year. And you will loss ranking for that keyword when year will change.

for example – latest resume templates 2019

If you will try to change this date without updating content, it will not help you. Google aware with these things.

Website Trust

User will trust your website if you have mentioned clearly who you are and where you from. And site is secure or not. You have complaints or not. You have good user reviews or not. You are genuine or not.

See what things you should use for user trust.

  • Explain about your organization, address phone number, support help desk etc. in Contact us  and about us page.
  • Add terms & condition, private policies, cookies policies, return policies pages
  • Use Https secure site, have trust seal like Norton.
  • Your Content written by an expert
  • Add Testimonials
  • Site should be well designed
  • No complaints, have good/positive reviews

User will distribute your content if you have good trust value. And it will help you in ranking.

Questions in the Content

As current scenario Google loves question based content too.

Google shows PAA (People Also Ask) section for almost all queries. Google shows here questions and answers which are extracted from the webpages.

Google recently launched FAQ, How-to and Q&A Schema where you can put questions and answers. You should use it for your content. Add 4-5 FAQ questions at the end of the content with FAQ schema.



Make your headline impressive so users must read all content.

Add numbers, profit related words, Questions, Urgency etc. in the headline.

For example:

Normal Headline: Best SEO Tips for businesses

Impressive headline: 47 Proven SEO Methods Can Double Your Business Profit.


Content Structure

Few tips here for content structure

  • Add Index Table on the top
  • Use Heading tags in a proper hierarchy
  • Use breadcrumbs



Content should best in the world. Not only focus on content writing but also work on structure, beautifulness, scanability  and readability.

Saurabh Rawat: I am SEO Analyst having 10 years of experience, Help to improve website ranking and organic traffic.