Contact Form Optimization

Tip #1. Remove unwanted fields from the form

Form should be small as possible, because users don’t like big form. Users don’t want to waste much time for filling the form and they can also afraid to give too much information about him for the security reasons. Making your contact form or registration form small can boost your conversions. If you want to increase form submission then this is the best technique to increase conversions. It impacts much more than you thing. Even I have removed only one field from one of my client’s website form and increased 22% conversions. Let’s see how you can remove unwanted fields from the form and make your form small.

  1. Combine “First Name” and “Last Name” – There is no benefit to take two fields for the name and some users have more than two words in name so you can combine First name and last name field into Full name. It can reduce the form size and help to increase conversions.
  2. Remove “Confirm Email” Field – Almost all users copy and paste their email in the confirm email field so there is no use of this field. You can use only one field for email and make your form size small and increase chances to fill the form.
  3. Replace “Confirm Password” Field with Icon – Password is very critical part of the form because users can’t access their paid or free account if they don’t remember the password. But every website use “Forget Password” option to solve this issue. And you can also add a show/hide password icon or text in the same field so users can confirm that what password they have typed. So you can remove confirm password field and reduce the form size.
  4. Use only those Fields which are must – You should use those fields in the form which are must and help to make your form small as possible. If you want to add any field which is not compulsory to fill then write “optional” in the placeholder.
    You don’t need to ask everything in the first user interaction. You just ask email and name and discuss other things in second follow up on email. So the point is that use those form fields which are must.

Tip #2. Use Scroll label technique in all contact form fields (combine label and placeholders)

This is an advance technique to show your labels in the fields. This technique can make your labels more close to your eyes even in writing time and make your form size small. So the smart website owners are currently using this technique like shopify, zopim etc.

Tip #3. Give Format Suggestion to Users

Giving form fields’ format to users can increase form submissions because people can easily understand that what should write in the field. See some examples.

  • Date
  • Phone
  • Credit Card
  • Price

Tip #4. Use User-Friendly Radio buttons and checkboxes in the contact form

Improve Mouse over experience and big radio buttons and checkboxes so the user can easily fill the data.
Also, make labels clickable. See it in the following examples.

Tip #5. Auto fill default value where it is possible (E.g. Fill one popular service from drop down)

Suppose you have 4 check boxes (services) and mostly users fill the first checkbox (service) then you can set your first checkbox auto fill. It can save user’s time and help you to increase conversions.

Tip #6. Use Icons with all form’s fields

Icons can make your form beautiful and attractive and relevant icons give some idea about the form field.

Tip #7. Use auto cursor in the first field

User lands on the form page then show a blinking cursor in the first field so the user can start typing without using a mouse. It can save users time and increase chances to fill the form.

Tip#8. Form submit on “Enter” key

You can increase chances of form filling by reducing mouse uses. So make sure your website form is submitting by “Enter” key of a keyboard.

Tip #9. Use correct form field box size

Form Field Box size should not be big nor small to the answer. I will recommend you that use a blue color border in the form field box for user typing and use a red color border in the box for validation error. See Amazon sign-up example here, in this example Amazon is highlighting the box during user typing –

Use Big Form Fields Name (Labels) size – Use minimum 14px font size in the form fields name to make it visible for users.

Tip #10. Change box color when user type

If you change the box color during typing then it makes your form more user-friendly.

Tip #11. Auto Detect Location Fields from internet IP

You can track user’s location by internet IP, asks your developer to do this. In this case you don’t need to add location (City, State, Phone code, Zip code and Country) fields in the form and you can remove them and reduce form size.
I increased 22% conversions by removing one field but think about this, how much you can increase your conversions by hiding 4-5 fields using auto detect technique. It will can boost your leads and conversions.
Some time auto detection not work so you must check your auto detect data is correct or not. In my case it is working fine, but some expert says, it does not work always. So you have to test at least for 7 days to ensure this technique.

Tip #12. Show field suggestions on real time

If you are displaying some extra information below the fields then you can remove it and show it on real time as I have explained in the image. You can reduce form size, form friction and make your form easy for users.  You can use field suggestion option for complicated form fields and password field.

Tip #13. Use Inline Validation

If you show all the validation error messages on the top then the user may confuse to find which error for which field and they have to struggle to correct the error. The other hand if you display the message close to the respective field then the user can easily rewrite the wrong field. We call it inline validation. If your form is very big and complicated then inline validations play an important role in filling the fields.

Tip #14. Drop Down Replace with Radio Button/Checkbox

Now the point is why we replace drop down menu with radio button/checkbox and what the criteria are for this. Radio button/checkbox items remain visible by default but Drop down items don’t visible before user click. So if drop down menu has less than 6 items then we can replace drop down with radio button/checkbox. It provides more usability and visibility to users. Check it out in an example – I have increased 22% growth in queries.

Tip #15. Use Simple Captcha

– Generally, website owners use Captcha to stop spam from software or machines (Spambot) which are not actually human but they forget that it is just not a right solution.

– It is a big barrier between you and your customers and it can totally kill your conversions.

– Mostly Captcha is not good for user experience but it can be made user friendly. Website owners can try these techniques and improve user experience and overall conversions.

Don’t use Captcha till it is not mandatory

We have faced many websites which had Captcha without any reason and when we removed them, it resulted in 20-30% increment in conversions. So, remove your Captcha if it is not that mandatory.

Tip #16. Don’t Use “Reset” button in the form

10 years ago, most of website owners were used Reset button in their website form. Now it is not common and people may click accidently on this button and then all data will disappear and users can frustrate and leave. So remove reset button from your website’s form if you are using.

Tip #17. Form background color also impact

You can highlight your form by using background color. It can increase focus on your form and increase chances for filling the form but if you are using a separate page for the form than background color is not play an important role because it is a single thing on the page.

Tip #18. Choose best Form location

Form location is also responsible for conversions. You should place your form where users can convert easily. There is no fix best place for website form to get highest conversions. It is a part of A/B testing. But a study says that if you have simple services or products then place your form on the top right side area because it is highly visible area for users where users can easily sees this and converts. And the other hand if you have complicated services then adds your form at the end of the page. So users can understand your products/services and convert easily.

So where users are able to take action show your form and increase your conversions.

Tip #19. Fill the form by Social Media

You can add auto fill by social media option in the form and increase conversions. Everyone use social media and everyone familiar with social media. So this is a good idea for you.

You can save user’s time and make form submission easy for them.

If you are optimizing registration form then you can use signup with social media.

The main issue I have seen that people afraid to use social media for filling the form due to security reason so you can show trust message.

Tip #20. Break the form if big

If your form is big then break the form or categorize your form so users can easily understand and convert.

You can use multiple steps using progress bar for your big form.

Tip #21. Popup or separate page produces best result

Use call to action button and land users to separate page or popup. This technique can amplify your conversions.  You can do A/B testing on separate page and popup. A study says that popup works better because it takes much less time to load than separate page.