Checkout Page Optimization

1. Hide Navigation Menu and Other Distractions

Checkout page should be neat and clean and friction free so user can focus only on payment. Adding navigation menu on the top can drop users from the checkout page, so remove them and reduce drop offs.

2. Use Guest Checkout

Don’t force to users for creating an account before checkout. You should also use guest user checkout option. It will make your checkout simple and short.

3. Give a review order option (product Image, quantity etc.)

Generally, l people hate hidden charges or surprise fees. You must show final prices before checkout and clearly mention shipping charges, discount price, handling fees, product price and other fee separately.

4. Add Progress Bar on The Top with edit facility

Generally, jewelry websites use multiple page checkout process and user may with this long process. You should specify all the process in the progress bar and also show what things have done and where they are currently and what things need to fill and why they are mandatory.

5. Do A/B Testing on Single Page & Multi Page Checkout

Generally Jewelry websites have multiple pages for checkout and it makes the checkout process easy and simple for users but in some cases single page checkout produce more results. So you can do A/B testing for single page checkout.

6. Let the user update quantity or remove

Sometimes, users are not sure for their product size, color and other configuration. Give an edit button to modify their products on the cart page. It can help you to increase your jewelry website sales.

7. Add Security logos and Payment methods Logos

People want secure payment and they aware about online fraud so add some security seal and trust indicators and increase user trust. You should use SSL Certificate (https URL) which is also a trust indicator.

8. Show Product Image & Summary

Show product images and their configuration like size, color, quantity on the checkout page with edit button so user can ensure on their product items.

9. Show Related Products

You can show relevant product on the checkout page, suppose user want to buy ring then you can show necklace, bracelet etc. on the checkout page and cart page. It can increase your sales and conversions.

10. Add Contact Details

You can add phone number, email id, live chat, tool free number and FAQ for instant solutions of user’s query.  You should add these things on the checkout page and increase your jewelry website sales and revenue.

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