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Published / Last Modification Date on the Webpage – Best SEO Practice

Content Published date and last modification date is really tending to SEO ranking? We know – Google shows date on

Google E-A-T Update Points for SEO

Hi, I am going to explain here some important points about the Google’s latest update E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). You

Content Writing SEO Best Practice

We all know there are 200 factors for Google SEO and Content is one of them. Content is a secret

Internal Links SEO Best Practice

Introduction Hyperlinks on the webpage are internal links. (generally for the same domain links, we call internal links) Syntax <a

Domain Age (Domain Registration Length) is a SEO Ranking Factor?

What is Domain Age Time duration between first time domain registration date to today is called domain age. How to

Canonical Tag SEO Best Practice

Introduction Canonical Tag first time introduced by Bing and Yahoo in 2009. Canonical is a simple HTML tag which tells

Page URL SEO Best Practice

Page URL is important part of the website. Google show page url in their snippet and desktop users can also

301 Vs. 302 Redirection Best SEO Practice

Introduction 3xx is a http status code which is used for redirection from old url to new url. Redirection Rule

XML Sitemap Best SEO Practice

What is XML Sitemap? This is an XML file. We make it for search engine crawlers. We put here those

Heading Tags Best SEO Practice

Introduction Heading Tags are HTML tags.   <H1> to <H6> They are used to define font size of the headings. Why

Page Title SEO Best Practice

We will learn here what is meta title tag, how title helps in Google ranking, What is page title maximum

Page Load Time Optimization

Introduction It is a human behavior that people don’t like wait for anything. They can irritate and bounce from your