Cart Page Optimization

1. Hide Top Navigation

Cart page is a first step to move users to purchase and hiding top navigation from this page is a good idea.

If you are using top navigation on the cart page then users may go to another page and bounce from there without any purchase.

So you can increase focus only on cart and send them to checkout by hiding top navigation.

2. Give Discount with Urgency

A study says that most of the people bounce from the cart page without any purchase but if they see any discount offer than it can increase your sales. Some users don’t come for the buy, they just do window shopping but you can convert them by attractive offers.

You should motivate users to checkout immediately. See this in the given example.
Example – 5% discount if you purchase now

3. Save Edit/Remove Option

Give update (edit) and remove option to users so they can modify items according to their budget.

4. Give a option of “Add to wishlist”

Sometimes users don’t able to purchase all items in the same time so give an option to add items into wishlist so they can purchase some items later.

5. Add wishlist tab (section) in the cart page

Some users have saved some items in the wishlist and they can easily add these items in the cart if you provide option to transfer Wishlist items into the cart. You just add wishlist tab in the cart page so they can easily reach there. This technique can help you to increase order value.

6. Add Checkout Button on the Top & Bottom Right Side Area With High Contrast Color

Our goal is only send users to checkout page from the cart page so add checkout button in the bottom and top right side area so users can easily find this and convert into sale. Make sure button color is highly visible. You can use red, orange, blue high contrast color.

7. Add Shop continue button in left side area with light color

Sometimes, users want to shop more so add a shopping continue button on cart page and make sure the color of the button should be in light color.

8. Add Email Option

Give an Email option in the cart page so user can get email of the cart details and shop later. This trick can help you to increase your sales.

9. Add Security seal

You should add Security Seal like Norton, Google Security, MacAfree, TRUSTe, BBB etc. in the right side area or bottom side area.

10. Add payment Logos

You should add Payment methods logo – MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, AMAX, Discover etc. in the right side area or bottom side area.

11. Add Customer Care Number

Adding a customer care tool free number on the cart page can help to users in purchase. You can add this in the bottom or in right side area with other security and payment logos.

Show Pricing Details

Show here all type pricing like handling fees, shipping fees, tax, product fees etc. with final price so user can check their budget before going to checkout.

12. Add Coupon option

A study says people struggle to find the coupon option and bounce if they failed. You can add coupon option in the cart page before entering the checkout. Mostly websites add coupon option in checkout page which is wrong.

If you have already added coupon option in the checkout page and don’t want to invest more money in website changes than add a message on the cart page that “Have a discount coupon? You can enter it in step-2 of the checkout process”.

Some websites provide coupon option on the product page.

13. Cross Sale

You can add similar products on the cart page and increase order value.

14. Try “Checkout securely” instead Checkout

Some Website owners has increased their sale by adding “checkout securely” instead “checkout” button.

15. Add PayPal Button after “Checkout” Button

PayPal is a most trusted payment method in the world, people love to shop with paypal. Add this button below the checkout button.

16. Empty Cart Design With Cross Sell

If users reach in the empty cart by mistake then show cross sell or recent search products here.

17. Use cart option (icon) in header as Mini cart

Add product image, prices, cart button and checkout button in the mini cart so user can take overview before entering into cart.

Show popup after add to cart button click (with Cross Sell)

Generally, Users buy one product so why send them on the cart page. If user do add to cart than show a popup with details like price, image, continue shopping or checkout. So user can go to the checkout page. You can do here cross sell, upsell, downsell.

If you have buy button with add to cart button then you don’t need this.

18. Save Cart Details in cookies

Save the cart information in the cookies if users come again after some days then they can find their cart and save items as well.

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