Call to Action Button Optimization


There are many conversion optimization techniques call to action (CTA) button is one of them.

  • Generally, we use it for sending users to very powerful converting page, where they can easily convert into sales.
  • This button provides a high visibility on the page compared to a simple link getting more clicks and creating an impression.
  • It can be any conversion page where the high possibility of converting website visitors into sales.
  • It helps users to take a quick decision without reading full content and enhance chances of conversions.
  • When users have prepared to get action like enquiry or purchase where call to action button works.

Have a look some call to action button examples –

  • Free Demo Button
  • Sign up Button
  • Get a Free Quote Button
  • Download Guide/whitepaper/eBook Button
  • Pricing Button
  • Sign up form button
  • Contact form button
  • Subscription form button
  • Free Trial Button
  • Phone Number Button
  • Any button which helps to convert users into sales.

Understand the website Goal and User Flow before adding CTA

  • Make a user flow that how to send users to final goal and then you can easily decide where to place your CTA and what copy write on it.
  • You must know that what the purpose of your CTA is?

Let’s understand it by two examples…

Example (1). Single Step Goal

User lands on the website –> Click on the CTA button “Get a Free Quote” –> fill up the query form

Suppose you are running a cleaning website and a user lands on the website and want home cleaning service, what will he do? If you are using the call to action button – “Get a Free Quote” then the user will click on the button and fill up the contact. So here you have reduced the user’s time and struggle by using the call to action button. You can make user flow easy and fast by using the call to action button and increase conversions.

Example (2). Multi Step Goal

User Lands on the website –> Click on the CTA button “Free Trial” –> Use Free Trial –> Purchase

In some cases, website goal finish in 2-3 steps, suppose you are selling a tool so users will not purchase it if they don’t see any demo or free trial (sign up). In this case, your CTA button text and purpose will change. You have to send users to your demo or free trial page first then send them to purchase (pricing page).

So the point is that Where you want to send users in their first interaction – “Free Trial/Demo” or “Contact Form”. After that, you can easily find the best copy and location for the CTA.

Tip.1 – Use Call to action button instead a simple link

Buttons are more visible than links so you can send more users to your goal page or purchase page easily by using call to action button on the web page.

Tip.2 – Choose Catchy Color

Is the button color matter? Yes, it is! Button color can increase your conversions and sales. We always use catchy color or high contrast color for the call to action button so user can easily find it.

Is there any fix color for the CTA button? No, there is no universal best color for CTA button but I will give you some ideas to find the best color for your CTA button.

Recommend Catchy Colors (priority wise) – Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Dark Yellow

A study says that these five colors are high contrast color and have high visibility on the web page. Many experts recommended Orange color.

Tip.3 – Button color should be differentiated from the theme shade and unique

Theme color and Button’s background color also matter. Suppose your theme is color is orange then CTA button color should not be orange because it will not create high visibility for users. Actually, the psychology concept works here. You can understand this by given example.

So there are many green dots but our eyes are attracting with the red dot because it is single and unique. The same concept works on the website if people see unique and different color from the theme then mind automatically attract to that button. So use this concept for your button, use a unique color for the Call to action button.


  • Don’t use light colors like Brown, White – Light colors are not visible for humans so avoid them.
  • The Black color also does not work better so avoid it too.
  • You can try some colors which prick in human eyes.
  • You must do A/B testing.

Tip.4 – Choose best button copy which can give you more clicks

Call to action button copy is the most important factor to increase button clicks and conversions. Don’t use simple words like “sign up”, “Send Request”, “Submit”.

Powerful and impressive words in Call to action button can boost your conversions. Let’s see some examples…

Use “Action Word” in Call to action button

  • Start (Get Started)
  • Stop (Stop losing leads now)
  • Grow (Grow your email list today)
  • Join (Join the fastest growing network)
  • Learn (Learn more about {product})
  • Discover (Discover how to use {product} now

Make your Call to action “Negative”

  • Sick (Sick of losing out on profits?)
  • Troubled (Troubled with your payments?)
  • Worried (Worried about your conversion rate?)
  • Confused (Confused about Facebook contests?)

Make your call-to-action “Personal”

  • Your (Grow your profits today)
  • My (Start My Free Trial)

Use “Free” word in Call-to-action

  • Free Trial
  • Get a Free Guide
  • Get a Free Quote
  • Get 25 minutes Free Consulting
  • Start My Free Trial
  • Start Your 28 Days Free Trial

Give a “Reason” in your call-to-action text

  • Why (Why not get the most from your CTA?)
  • Get (Get the best coverage on your network)
  • Find (Find out how to increase conversions)

Make your call-to-action convey “Urgency”

  • Now (Now you can learn all of my secrets)
  • Today (Get my free ebook today)
  • Before (Get it before time runs out)
  • Ends (Sale ends at midnight)

Use “Phone number” if applicable

Use “Yes” word

Try “Don’t click here”

Here is an 180+ power words list for button copy

Tip.5 – Powerful Heading & Sub-heading

Powerful heading can help you to convert more visitors. It becomes much better if you add sub-heading too. Use Power words / Action words / Emotional words in your heading and sub-heading.

Tip.6 – Hero Image/Video

Hero image/Video provide more impression to your CTA and can help you to increase conversions and clicks. The image should be touchy and emotional.

Tip.7 – Trust Indicator

Add Trust indicator like testimonials, number of sign-up users, Security seal, and business experience etc. with your CTA and increase conversions.

Tip.8 – Benefits in bullets

If you have placed your Button in above the fold’s center area and below the fold area then you should use benefits with the call to action button. It can help you to increase conversions.

Tip.9 – Urgency

Urgency like 3 days left, offer only for today can increase your CTA clicks and it can encourage users.

Tip.10 – Some extra information

Add some extra information with CTA button and motivate users to do click on it. Extra words example –

  • Instant Access
  • No Software Installation
  • One Click Only
  • No credit card require
  • Sign-up in less than 60 second
    You can grab more user attention by using these words; they work like a catalyst.

Tip.11 – Neat & clean and proper white space

CTA should be neat and clean and give white space to breath so it will more visible for users.

Tip.12 – Give some Mouse over movement on the CTA button

The CTA should look like a button so give some mouse over movement like hand icon and make darker or lighter the color when users drag the mouse over the CTA. It can help you to increase clicks and it will make the button user friendly.

Tip.13 – Use Animated Image/Relevant icon

You can make your CTA more focusing and visible by using animated image or relevant icon.

Tip.14 – Use pointer

You can make your CTA more focusing and visible for user by using the pointer.

Tip.15 – Use good CTA button Size

Make your CTA button size big and improve visibility. It can help you to increase CTA clicks.

Tip.16 – Use Bevel/Shadow/Border

People may confuse if you are not using Bevel/Shadow/Border with your CTA button. Your button should be a button so more users can click on the CTA.

Tip.17 – Reduced CTA buttons? (if many)

Make sure you are not using too much Call-to-action button otherwise your main CTA will not give you much conversion.

Tip.18 – Don’t Highlight unimportant button (In case of two CTA)?

If your business requires two CTA in the website then only highlight one CTA which highly important for the business.

Tip.19 – Rectangle with cutting corner shape works better

There is no fix logic for button shape. Expert says that rectangle shape with cutting corner works better for CTA. Let’s see a study…

Tip.20 – Smiley Face Image increase focus

Hero image with a call to action button can help you to increase clicks and visibility.

Tip.21 – Button Copy color should be visible

in the given example, yellow button text is more visible. So make your button copy color visible for users and increase button clicks and conversions.

Note: – Don’t forget to show progress bar or wait message in case click take some time to respond

Many website owners do this silly mistake, if your button takes some time to display your result then must use the progress bar or disable the CTA button till the result not come on the screen otherwise users will click on the CTA again and again and it will make them frustrated.

Note- Don’t forgets to track button clicks by location and url to analyze?

Analyze your button clicks by changing button color, location, design and other things it can help you to improve your CTA clicks. It is not mandatory that my all techniques work for all businesses so must do A/B testing and analyze data in Google Analytics and other tools.