Blog Section Optimization


What we will cover in this blog

  • Why Blogging is best for your business
  • How to increase blog traffic
  • How to increase blog conversions
  • How to Reduce blog bounce rate and increase page views
  • How to increase blog page views by small design changes

Why Blogging is Best for Your Business
Generally people use link building technique to get ranking on Search engine but they not stay on top always. But content Marketing is a strategy to get ranking on Google for long time and also generate more conversions and traffic. I will recommend you to do blogging weekly to make your website a brand.

How to Increase Page Views and Reduce Bounce Rate by small design changes

1. Add Blog Search Box

  • Add search box in your all blogs, it can improve your page views, some people want to learn more and they search their topics in blog search.
  • Best Place to add search box is top right side corner.

  • Show blog search in menu right side when user scroll. You have to make separate header for blog. Make sure blog search show only blog results no other pages.

2. Add Blog Category

categorizes your Blog Topics and adds categories on the top of the blog. You can add these categories in bottom or right sidebar. You can do A/B testing to find best place to add categories. It can help to users to find more blogs by their category.

3. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

– You can add social media sharing button in right side and bottom area (before comment).
– Use social media sharing script which shows number of shares (see in the image).

– Show right side sharing buttons when user scroll the blog page.

– Use auto complete facility in your blog search if possible, it can make your search better for users.

4. Add Subscription Form

If people love your blog they subscribe it for future updates and blogs so add subscription form in right sidebar. You can add it on top or in bottom, it is a part of A/B testing.

Make sure you have good form heading, see in the example.

You can add this in the footer right side corner also

You can add this in multiple locations and you can do A/B testing for this.

5. Show Relevant Posts

Show your relevant post in right sidebar and bottom area (above the comment). People love to read more related blogs. Make sure you are showing highly relevant posts otherwise user will not go there.

6. Image Attraction

Add images in the blog can improve your blog visibility make sure it is not damaging your page load time. So add image with all headings and subheadings. Image gives small idea to user before reading the paragraph.

7. Enable Blog Comments

Blog comments in the bottom can increase blog engagements and help to convert users into sales.

Some people close the comment after few days. This is also a bad strategy. You can use captcha if you are getting spam comment and manually approve comments facility.

So you can convert users from blog comments, just answers to all readers who comment and ask anything.

8. Add Social Media Business Page Icon

If you have good connection on your business social media pages then you can boost your blog traffic. Show your social media business page icons in sidebar with attractive heading and also display these icons in footer.

9. Add Next and Previous Button

Blog posting in a series is a good idea and if you are doing this then send to users in next page and previous page using next and previous button.

You can make it more user friendly by adding blog title with the buttons.

10. Use Popups to convert users

– You can display conversion popup when users try to exit your website by using exit intent popup.
– You can also add popup when user complete the blog content and reach in the footer.

Here are some brilliant ideas of exit popups.