About Us Page Optimization


The Mandatory Mention of 3 Sections (Summary)

1. CEO/Founder Profile Section
– Powerful Heading
– Your Story in Video
– About You
– Experience
– Education
– Achievements & Certificates
– Hobbies
– Social Activities
– Personal Contact info with social links

2. Goal, Value & Vision Section
– Goals
– Value
– Vision

3. Company Profile Section
– Company History & Work Details
– Team Members Details with photos

Why optimize about us page

– It leads to increase website’s trust & reputation.
– Almost all user especially in B2B market check and read your about us page before any purchases.
– If trustable about us page is created then drop off can be reduced.

Check out some techniques to optimize about us page which can help you to increase conversions and reputation.

Tip #1. Heading should be an extremely powerful & Emotional

– Simple “About us” heading is not a good idea.
– Heading should be emotionally attached with customers.

Tip #2. Don’t teach and sell your products here

Do not sell your products/services on this page and preaching is not a good idea to be put on this page. It should be about you and your company.

Tip #3. Tell Your Story with video

– Describe life experience, history, dreams, work experience, hobbies and Why did you open this company and your life journey and goals.
– This video is a summary of your “about us” page
– Tell the truth, people love honesty. Explain how many times you were failed.
– Use CEO/Founder Image in Video.
– Describe company environment with images.
– Describe your work too.
– Check example – http://neilpatel.com/about/

Tip #4. Add Your Personal Social Media Links & Contact Info

– Add social media links of owner/CEO/Founder
– You can also add a contact form and mail id to communicate directly to the owner.

Tip #5. Describes Your Experience

If you have good experience then it can create more trust on you and your company.

Tip #6. Describes Your Education

If you are higher educated and got degree from reputed universities then don’t forget to mention it. It creates good Impression on user’s mind.

Tip #7. Describe your Hobbies

People love if you touch them personally.

8. Describe your Social Activities

Explain your social works, NGO works and your communities if you have.

Tip #9. Describe your achievements and certificates

Certificates and awards create trust and good impression in clients.

Tip #10. Add Your Vision, Goal and Values

– People really love these things.
– If your website is associated with any educational institute or any non-profit organization helping to people free of cost then you must mention these things here.

11. Tell About Your Company & Team

– Describe company experience & History
– Describe Company Achievements and certificates
– Describe Social Work/Communities and culture – With images
– Describe your Team with team image (Use company logo on member’s T-shirt)
– Add some activity images which had organized in the company
– Add details about the events that are taken up by your company.
– You can also add client’s feedback.

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