seo site audit points

SEO Audit Checklist

Generally, we do many changes in the website and SEO issues may happen on the regular basis so it is

Published / Last Modification Date on the Webpage – Best SEO Practice

Content Published date and last modification date is really tending to SEO ranking? We know – Google shows date on

Google E-A-T Update Points for SEO

Hi, I am going to explain here some important points about the Google’s latest update E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). You

Content Writing SEO Best Practice

We all know there are 200 factors for Google SEO and Content is one of them. Content is a secret

Internal Links SEO Best Practice

Introduction Hyperlinks on the webpage are internal links. (generally for the same domain links, we call internal links) Syntax <a

Domain Age (Domain Registration Length) is a SEO Ranking Factor?

What is Domain Age Time duration between first time domain registration date to today is called domain age. How to

Canonical Tag SEO Best Practice

Introduction Canonical Tag first time introduced by Bing and Yahoo in 2009. Canonical is a simple HTML tag which tells

Page URL SEO Best Practice

Page URL is important part of the website. Google show page url in their snippet and desktop users can also

301 Vs. 302 Redirection Best SEO Practice

Introduction 3xx is a http status code which is used for redirection from old url to new url. Redirection Rule

XML Sitemap Best SEO Practice

What is XML Sitemap? This is an XML file. We make it for search engine crawlers. We put here those

Heading Tags Best SEO Practice

Introduction Heading Tags are HTML tags.   <H1> to <H6> They are used to define font size of the headings. Why

Find & Create UTM Campaign in Google Analytics

You can track any type of external traffic such as Facebook ads, email newsletter, Google ads, Bing ads, referral website

Block Spam Bot Traffic in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides website traffic and conversion related data so website owner can analyze website growth and profit and optimize

Page Title SEO Best Practice

We will learn here what is meta title tag, how title helps in Google ranking, What is page title maximum

Search Filter Optimization

If you are a ecommerce website with many products then you have to add a search box on the top

Product Page Optimization

Tip #1. Use Only High Quality Product Images Better product image can attract more users and help to increase your

Checkout Page Optimization

1. Hide Navigation Menu and Other Distractions Checkout page should be neat and clean and friction free so user can

Cart Page Optimization

1. Hide Top Navigation Cart page is a first step to move users to purchase and hiding top navigation from

Website Search Optimization

Introduction There are two types of searches which are used in websites first is Google Search and Second is Site Search. Site search means

Website Header Optimization

Introduction Header Item Best Location Logo Left Menu Center Contact Info (Email, Phone) Right Search Right Call to Action Button

Contact Form Optimization

Tip #1. Remove unwanted fields from the form Form should be small as possible, because users don’t like big form.

Footer Optimization

Introduction Footer is a very important part of the website; you must optimize footer to convert them into sales. Three

Web Font Optimization

Tip #1. Optimize Font Size Website font size should be big i.e. minimum 20px. If website visitors from 45+ age

Validation Error Optimization

Introduction If users fill any wrong data in the form field then system show a validation error message [e.g. “email

User Trust Optimization

Tip #1. Awards & Certificates Mentioning about your Awards and certificates will increase website’s trust, people love it when information

Testimonial Optimization

Introduction Testimonials and client logos are trust factors. It can increase conversions and sales. So where can we use client’s

Sign Up Page Optimization

Tip #1. Powerful Heading A Powerful heading can boost your conversions, so stay away from using simple headings like “Register”

Pricing Page Optimization

Introduction The pricing page must be simple and clutter free. Reduce the length of the text as much as possible.

Page Load Time Optimization

Introduction It is a human behavior that people don’t like wait for anything. They can irritate and bounce from your

Navigation Link Optimization

Introduction Every web page or landing page has many navigational links, but the question here is that whether all links

Popup Optimization

Introduction A world’s study says that 60% people bounce the page without any engagement and it is 80% on blog

Landing Page Optimization

1. Use Powerful Heading Pickup customers’ pain point in the heading and use numbers, questions, benefits Example.1 – 73% website

Form Captcha Optimization

Introduction – Generally, website owners use captcha to stop spams from software or machines (Spambot) which are not actually human

Explainer Video Optimization

Introduction – Explainer Video Generally we use explainer video to explain services or products and we place it on landing pages.

Drop Down Menu Optimization

Tip #1. Neat and Clean Drop Down Conversions are directly proportional to user experience so make sure your drop down menu

Cancel Subscription Page Optimization

Tip #1. Do not make it easily reachable Add this option inside your billing page or subscription plan page, do

Blog Section Optimization

Introduction What we will cover in this blog Why Blogging is best for your business How to increase blog traffic

About Us Page Optimization

Introduction The Mandatory Mention of 3 Sections (Summary) 1. CEO/Founder Profile Section – Powerful Heading – Your Story in Video

404 Error Page Optimization

Introduction Generally, the 404 page is used to tell users that the page they want to open does not exist.

Call to Action Button Optimization

Introduction There are many conversion optimization techniques call to action (CTA) button is one of them. Generally, we use it for sending

Site Speed Google Analytics Reports

Website performance optimization is very critical part for a website growth. A study says that poor load time can damage

Google Analytics Service Provider Advanced Reporting and Analysis

There are hundreds of reports in Google Analytics such as standard reports, custom reports, combination of reports using filters and

Learn How to Make a Google Analytics Custom Report

Google analytics is the world’s very powerful website (and app) reporting tool for website (and app) owners and online marketing

Google Analytics Account Create, Tracking Code Setup & Verify Perfectly

Website owners can optimize and check website traffic and conversions by using Google Analytics. Here I am explaining how you